S-status Coxes for Torpids

PostS-status Coxes for Torpids
Posted At23:42, 12th Feb 2013
304 weeks ago
Torpids is getting nearer. If it ends up being run with Senior coxes only, Somerville will be in trouble as we don't have any. So, if anyone is Senior status and willing to cox one of our first boats, please get in touch (oliver.starkey@some.ox.ac.uk). The crews are in back-to-back divisions (Mdiv3 and Wdiv2) so I don't think one person could double up.
The crews have both been training hard and are hopeful of success. If that's not enough, bribery or financial reward can be provided.
Somerville CoC.
PostRE: S-status Coxes for Torpids
AuthorGeorge Harding
Posted At15:17, 13th Feb 2013
304 weeks ago
Hi Oliver,

I am currently in contact with a number of S-status coxes both alumni and current, who are able to help out with coxing Torpids. At the moment, we're just collecting coxes, but once we have confirmation on coxing restrictions, I will be emailing clubs to see who needs coxes when and work out some kind of rota. In the meanwhile you are of course free (and encouraged!) to go looking for a cox, as I can't guarantee a rota where everyone gets a cox.

If any more S status coxes are interested in helping out please email: