Alumnus S cox

PostAlumnus S cox
AuthorPhil McCullough
Posted At19:52, 27th Feb 2014
242 weeks ago
Given the announcement from the SUs about coxing restrictions for at least the first two days of Torpids, I'm happy to provide my services if any crews don't yet have a senior cox lined up.

Ping me an email if you are in need and we can sort out something.


PostRE: Alumnus S cox
AuthorJohn McManigle
Posted At09:56, 28th Feb 2014
242 weeks ago
I'm in the same position (ie happy to help crews). Divisions I am still available for on the current Wednesday/Thursday schedule are:
Men: 3b, 3a, 1b, 1a
Women: 3a, 2b, 1a