ChCh Regatta Coxes's Marketplace

PostChCh Regatta Coxes's Marketplace
AuthorSofia Hauck
Posted At14:53, 25th Nov 2014
208 weeks ago
Hey everyone,

Try this: Google Doc (

It has the full schedule day by day, a place to note if coxing is settled (include the word "sorted" for the cell to go green) or if a cox is still needed (include the word "looking" for cell to go red, and some way to contact you). There is also a space for coxes to list themselves as available. Please let me know if you have suggestions for improvement.

A little background:
I'm seeing a lot of e-mails and messages flying around in all sorts of directions about finding coxes for tomorrow. I understand this is very urgent so I would like it to be more efficient. In a very unofficial capacity, I'd like to offer some help. I'm not affiliated with Christ Church Boat Club or the Regatta itself in any capacity at all, and I am not doing this in an official OURCs capacity in any way.