Torpids 2016 Coxes' Marketplace

PostTorpids 2016 Coxes' Marketplace
Posted At11:48, 17th Feb 2016
140 weeks ago
Hey everyone,

Looking for a cox or a crew to cox for this Torpids? Look no further! The Coxes' Marketplace spreadsheet is back! Rowing On is set up, Wed-Sat to follow.

Captains load your contact info on the "Contacts" tab and put "looking" next to any crews without coxes.
Coxes contact captains or put your details in the right hand side of the page.

Here we are:

The longer version:
There are tabs for the draws of each day (starting with just Rowing On; once it happens or is fully cancelled, I'll get started on the remaining days), and place to note if coxing is settled (include the word "sorted" for the cell to go green) or if a cox is still needed (include the word "looking" for cell to go red) for a few contingencies, for example either of the dates possible for Rowing On. If you are looking, please make sure there is a way to contact your club on the "Contacts" tab. There is also a space for coxes to list themselves as available. Please let me know if you have suggestions for improvement, either by e-mail or on the "Comments & Suggestions" tab.

A little background:
When Christ Church Regatta went X/S-only last year, I saw a lot of e-mails and messages flying around in all sorts of directions. There were plenty of coxes looking for crews and crews looking for coxes, but they were often missing one another. I understand the urgency of racing, so I thought I'd offer some help. Since we look like we're headed for a similar situation now, I've set up something similar for this Torpids. I am not officially involved with the organisation of Torpids, and this isn't an official OURCs document in any way. It's just a little boost to our collective communication.