OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

2nd Week, Michaelmas Term 2001

Present: Everyone except St. Benet’s, Regent’s Park, Worcester. Apologies received from: Joss Knight, Gabriel Wright (OURCs committee)


1 Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were read, and no objections raised.


2 Matters arising

No matters arising.


3 Squad news

OUBC: Justin Sutherland (development squad) talked briefly on liaising with College Club Captains.

OUWBC: Jess Wilson reported that boats had raced at Henley Women’s, the National Championships (coming 4th) and won at an inter-university regatta in Belgium. A pair had beaten UL at the Pair’s Head, and squad members were planning to compete at GB trials and the British Indoor Rowing Championships. Although a strong squad, it was stressed that it is not too late to join.

OULRC: Ross Crooke reported that a small but strong squad was training well under their new coach, and are currently boating at Wallingford. They are planning to enter 4 boats at the Four’s Head, but would welcome any enquiries from college oarsmen under 12 stone.

OUWLRC: Becky Bryan reported that the lightweights and heavyweights are currently sharing a coach, and also appealed for more numbers.


4 Oxford Adaptive Rowing

An appeal from Michael Burcher (Exeter) for help with this project. Contact details will be made available on the website


5.Oxford University College Rowing Strategy

AH introduced Pat Lockley, explaining that the strategy was intended to help alleviate the administrative burden that the clubs are increasingly faced with, and that a main reason for starting this was to prevent regulations being imposed by the University that would make the sport difficult to run in the present way. PL emphasised that nothing mandatory was being imposed (other than those obligations which clubs already have), and that he would spend the next 12 months ensuring the scheme is put in place effectively, subject to funding. The lamentable lack of knowledge of the university administration was highlighted by the attitudes

Ross Crooke (OULRC) asked if this would mean that schemes could be run internally. PL responded by saying that much would, although some input from (e.g.) ARA and BWLA would still be needed.

Conor O’Neill (Wadham) asked about the costs and timing involved. It was pointed out that the scheme had only been worked on for a few weeks, and that Senior Members and Bursars had been informed in the hope that they would be sympathetic to Boat Club requests for money. C O’N was not aware that his college had already offered to help.

Laura Goodsir (St Catz) pointed out that many Captains were unlikely to have time to read the documents and be able to comment on them. AH pointed out the summary at the end.

Nicola Thomson (Magdalen) opined that this would probably be cheaper and quicker for OURCs to do much of this, rather than individual clubs.

Mark Ackroyd (BNC) asked if coaching awards would become mandatory. PL pointed out that the strategy was designed to avoid that, although in-house schemes may, ultimately, have to be developed.

Steve Royle (OUBC) asked what would, or could, stop the scheme moving forward, and specifically whether funding was the main problem. The answer was a qualified "yes". SR also asked if anything ‘new’ would be forthcoming.

RQ Pointed out that new things to come out of this would be centralisation of admin and safety paperwork, and development of club officer training. The development and qualification and coaches will also be

C O’N asked what the money would be spent on – PL’s time over the coming year to ensure the scheme worked (and some course subsidy) was the answer.

SR asked if any assistance had been forthcoming from the University. PL pointed out that the Registrar and Health & Safety had helped.

RC wondered whether all this was just about getting an external professional to pacify the University authorities.

CS2 pointed out that the Proctors would be happy to cancel 8s, and the only way to keep them happy is to pay up.


6 Autumn 4s

Gabriel Wright (Oriel) ratified as Senior Umpire, with 1 vote against (no abstentions).


7 Rule changes:

a) R4.3

It was pointed out that the rule, as written, was ambiguous, and might be seen to contravene the existing circulation pattern. The rule change was withdrawn for redrafting.

b) C5.3 (constitutional amendment)


"Balliol College Boat Club includes members of Greyfriars"

Proposed: Luke Shepherd (Balliol)

Seconded: Henry Hirsch (BNC)

Passed unanimously


8 Reaffiliation - Harris Manchester

Proposed AH

Seconded Laura Goodsir (St Catz)

Passed unanimously


9 Transfers to Honorary membership

  1. Marc Bullock from New to Pembroke - ex-undergrad.
  2. Passed with 1 abstention

  3. Alison Mercer from Nuffield (Linacre) to Keble - ex-undergrad at Keble, now staff at Nuffield.
  4. Passed with 1 abstention

  5. Elizabeth Mann from St. John's to Wolfson - moving to St. Johns for academic reasons, but wishes to continue rowing at Wolfson.
  6. Passed with 1 abstention
  7. Bridget Mullaney - Blackfriars (St Benet’s) to Lincoln. No crew at Blackfriars, no objection from St. Benet’s.
  8. Passed with 2 against
  9. Emily Woodeson - Green to St Catz. Ex-undergrad at St Catz.
  10. Passed with 1 abstention

  11. Raphael Schapiro - Nuffield (Linacre) to St Catz. Ex-undergrad at St Catz, now postgrad at Nuffield.
  12. Passed with 1 abstention
  13. Andrew Brinkley - Greyfriars to Balliol. No club at Greyfriars. (refer to item 7b)
  14. Withdrawn in light of item 7 b)

  15. Ursula McCann - Harris Manchester to Queens. Ex-undergrad at Queens.

Passed with 1 abstention

i) Victoria Higman - St Peters to Balliol. Ex-undergrad at Balliol.

Passed with 1 abstention

Alasdair Howie - BNC to St Catz. Ex-undergrad at St Catz.

Passed with 1 abstention

Jane Golley - Keble to St Catz. Ex-undergrad at St Catz.

Passed with 1 against, 1 abstention


10 River Closure

Nephthys Regatta: From 1pm to sunset, 16th November, and all day 17th November (Friday and Saturday, week 6).

Proposed: Ross Crooke

Seconded: AH

Passed with no objections


11 AOB

a) Jess Wilson (OUWBC) advertised the Osiris Erg Challenge, to be held on November 11th. This is to be held at Iffley Road, and is open to teams of 4 (max. 1 university squad member per team). Tankards for winning teams (experienced and novice) will be presented by a tall, unnamed Olympic champion oarsman.

b) Safety

Will T-S reiterated the message that it is the duty of Clubs to check the rules which have been widely publicised – in particular those referring to lights, lifejackets (including all those in coaching launches), heel restraints and bowballs.

8 colleges will be safety audited this year – Merton, Corpus Christi, BNC, Teddy Hall and St. Johns (3 more to be announced)

Liz Nixon (ARA Water Safety Adviser for the region) asked the meeting several question on the Water Safety Code, and expressed disappointment on the lack of knowledge amongst the new Captains. Several areas were highlighted:

  1. the ARA Water Safety Code applies to all stretches of water;
  2. clubs are responsible for liability insurance for all their coaches, paid or unpaid – this is included in ARA membership;
  3. launch safety kits should be carried at all times, and are available from the ARA, although individual items can be purchased more cheaply. Laura Goodsir pointed out that many College Bursars will pay for this sort of safety equipment;
  4. the lifejacket included in the safety kit is intended for rescued persons;
  5. engine cut-outs must be fitted, and attached properly to the driver

c) Andrew Weaver (Univ) informed the meeting that a temporary boathouse would be in operation by week 4 or 5, and that clubs wishing to rack boats should contact him. RQ pointed out that crews crossing the river from the Greenbank to land at the Univ raft should give way to all oncoming crews.

d) Guy Barnett (OURCs committee) asked for volunteers to act as marshals for Autumn 4s.

e) Francesca Gordon (OURCs Captain of Coxes) stated that she was available if colleges wanted help in training new coxes.

f) River closure for Christ Church regatta: Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd November (midday until dusk) and all day Saturday 24th.

Proposed: Guy Barnett (Oriel)

Seconded: Laura Goodsir

Passed unanimously.

The meeting was declared closed at 21:11