OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

6th Week, Hilary Term 2002

1. Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were not read out, and no objections to the published minutes were raised.


2. Matters arising

AH announced that the safety review document would be made available on-line, and asked Captains to read it before the next meeting, and that College and University bodies support the document.


3. Squad reports

OULRC – 2 crews have been selected, and have raced against Oriel and Pembroke colleges, with a match arranged against NCRA in the future.

OUWLRC – Crew has been settled for a month, and had raced against Marlow and Twickenham. Scheduled head races had been cancelled, but the crew is going quickly.

OUWBC – Crews had been selected, and have raced against Marlow, Twickenham, Thames and ex-OUWBC crews. JW reported that the crew was very strong and quick, and were feeling confident about winning both races.

OUBC – JW also reported that the men’s blue boat squad was going well, having beaten Imperial College/Queen’s Tower in training.


4. Torpids

a) Timetable

Given the strong stream conditions, several racing scenarios were presented, with decisions on the actual timetable used being made the day before each day of racing.

In the event of restrictions being placed on the status of coxes being able to compete, restrictions on doubling up and transferring would be lifted. Also, in the event of racing being restricted to senior divisions only, the SUs would listen to appeals by novice crews in senior divisions for withdrawal without penalty on safety grounds.

No objections to these measures were raised.


b) Notices

Captains were reminded that all fines must be paid before racing.

Cyclists – the University has expressed concern over the potential for accidents between pedestrians and cyclists accompanying crews. Captains were reminded that fines would be imposed for dangerous cycling, personal conduct, or extra cyclists.

Marshals and Umpires – Captains were reminded that rotas were published on the web, and the responsibility of supplying competent officials lies with each club.


5. Transfers

a) Emily Stokes-Rees Pembroke - Linacre.

(new student/junior dean at Pembroke, ex-student @ Linacre. typically allowed).

Passed with 2 abstentions


b) Mick Dye no college - Linacre

(postdoc at Univeristy, ex linacre rower, would like to start again in light of new rule C5.4)

Passed with 1 abstention


6. AOB

Jess said goodbye – she’s off to Bali after the Boat Race.

Henry Bremridge (Jesus) stated that due to Oxford City Bumps being held on the 20th April (Saturday week 0), Jesus would be holding their Hardy Fours Regatta on Saturday week –1.


There was much rejoicing as the meeting closed at 8:22 pm