OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

1st Week, Trinity Term 2002

Apologies were received from Harris Manchester

1. Minutes – no objections to the published minutes were raised.

2. Matters arising – none.

3. Squad news

OULRC – recalled that Cambridge had been “whooped” at the Henley Boat races, with both crews breaking records. OULRC also beat Cambridge at the European University Championships. Details on the Summer squad are to be announced later.

OUWLRC (Rachel Abbott) – also won, by a record margin of 4 lengths being, beating the record to Fawley. OUWLRC will be competing at BUSA, and development squad details are to be announced later.

OUWBC – Rachel Abbott reported that OUWBC will also be competing at BUSA, and apparently won their Boat Races.

OUBC were not represented at the meeting, but rumour had it that they’d won their races as well.

4. Oxford University Rowing Safety document.

Proposal to ratify the safety document produced by the safety sub-committee formed by the OUBC trust fund committee

St Benet’s expressed some regret about the loss of the development aspect of the original documents published in Michaelmas term.

Proposed: AH Seconded: RC

Passed with 1 abstention

5. Constitutional amendment:

C4.8 "All College Boat Clubs are required to be affiliated to the Amateur Rowing Association".

AH pointed out that this was the only immediate recommendation that the OURS document made, and that most clubs were registered anyway.

St Benet’s expressed reservations about the costs involved for relatively small clubs, and it was pointed out that this was not prohibitive, at only a few pounds per person. It was also pointed out that membership obliged all clubs to follow the Water Safety Code at all times, and this was key to ensuring safe practise in the Oxford Rowing community.

Proposed: AH Seconded: RC

Passed with 1 abstention

6. Torpids start/finish orders

The order published on the web at <http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/rowing/t02fin.html> was ratified by the captains with no objections.

7. OURCs elections

a) Captain of Coxes – Edd Edmondson (Jesus)

Passed with no objections

b) Ordinary Member – Caroline Smith2 (Somerville)

Passed with no objections

c) Ordinary Member – Andrew Fletcher (New)

Passed with no objections

8. River closures:

a) Oriel Regatta: Thurs - Sat 7th week.

Oriel requested a river closure from 1pm – 7pm for those dates.

Passed with no objections

b) Keble: Sunday 6th week, 2-4pm. (private match)

Keble propose to hold a private match on the Sunday after 8s, and Jesus were planning to share the closure for a similar match. It was stressed that anyone wishing to row would be accommodated if possible, and that the closure was to ensure safe racing.

Passed with no objections

c) Oxford University Royal Naval Unit: Wednesday 6th Week, 1-2 pm. (Inter-varsity match)

The Royal naval unit wish to hold a match against the Cambridge unit, and wished to ensure safe racing.

Passed with no objections

9. Transfers

a) Mike Hall (Linacre) to BNC. Ex-undergrad at BNC. Typically allowed.

Passed with no objections

b) Damian King (Queens) to Mansfield. Ex-undergrad at Mansfield. Typically allowed.

Passed with no objections

c) Deborah Coles (Templeton, affiliated to Hertford) to Somerville. Ex-undergrad at Somerville. (Typically allowed)

Passed with no objections

d) Michael Korven (Worcester) to Univ. Too many coxes at Worcester (who apparently don't mind). Typically not allowed.

Michael is a physicist who wanted to cox their physicist crew (no other coxes being available).

No objections from Worcester

Passed with 2 against, 1 abstention

e) Lucy Gossage (Jesus) to Osler-Green. Medic, has rowed for Jesus previously. Allowed.

No objections from Jesus.

Passed with 3 against, 2 abstentions

10. AOB

C O’N (Wadham) suggested that the development side of the original strategy documents produced by Pat Lockley were worth resurrecting.

St Benet’s emphasised that these were (in their opinion) the only part of the original documents that had been of interest.

It was pointed out that CUCBC organised much more racing than OURCs, although this was not universally welcomed.

RC suggested that the roles of the Boatmen could be better developed, and that they remain an underused resource.

A motion was proposed:

“The Captains mandate OURCs to form a development sub-committee”

Proposed: C O’N Seconded: AH

Passed with no objections

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8:34 pm