OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

4th Week, Trinity Term 2002

1. No objections to the published minutes were raised.

2. No matters arising

3. Squad news

a) Ratification of Presidents:

Jo Telford (Osler-Green) - OUWBC, Camilla Vasa (St Anne's) - OUWLRC, Ed Biden (Magdalen) - OULRC were ratified without objection

b) OUWBC (Jo Telford): A meeting will be held on Sunday 26th May for anyone interested in training with the summer squad. Lower boats rowers should not be discouraged from attending! Current plans are to take 2 VIIIs to HWR, and an VIII to the National Championships. 3 rowers have been rowing at GB U23 level, and 2 are competing at Duisberg at Senior and U23 level.

OUBC: No representative was present, they were all racing Germans at Wedau Regatta, Duisberg

OULRC (Ed Biden): Details on the summer squad will be forthcoming shortly. EB pointed out that he had been a 3rd VIII oarsman the previous summer, and encouraged clubs to send anyone who was interested, and that they would benefit form the development of their oarsmen, with 5 1st VIIIs being stroked by OULRC oarsmen this year.

OUWLRC (Camilla Vasa): Lower boats oarswomen are particularly welcome to attend the joint meeting with OUWBC on Sunday week 6.

4. Neil Townsend, Rachel Quarrell, Ailsa Curtis and Jonathan Price were ratified as Senior Umpires with no objections.

5. Rule change -

Amend R 9.1: Weekdays before 8.00am, from Sunday of 0th week to Saturday of 8th week, only one crew from each college is allowed on the river at any one time (to prevent congestion).
An alternative of leaving suspension of this restriction at the discretion of the Secretary was mentioned, and it was suggested Captains should be involved. After brief, pointless discussion, everyone decided to just vote on the tabled motion.
Proposed: Emily Baldock (Wolfson), Second: Gabriel Wright

Passed with 4 abstentions

6. Eights

a) Start Order

New College proposed a reinstatement of their women's 2nd VIII to the fixed divisions, and be treated as "not entered" last year (so being reinserted 4 places lower) rather than as "withdrawn after rowing on" (so losing their fixed division place entirely).
New explained that their Women's Captain had left ill in week 2 of Trinity 2001, leaving the club in disarray.
AH and Guy Barnet pointed out that the rules were designed to prevent disruption to other crews, who had to arrange tutorials around expected start times or plan to row at all.
Some expressed sympathy, and others expressed the belief that it would be a dangerous precedent.
For: 14 Against: 29 Abstentions: 10

Not Passed

b) Event Management

Captains were reminded by AH that:
The EA had expressed concerns in the past over the observance of the circulation pattern, and that several crews had incurred fines during Rowing On for disobeying this. All crews must keep close to the banks, and may only overtake when the river is clear, and that traffic coming upstream has right of way at the crossing/spinning area at the upstream end of the Gut.

The behaviour and number of cyclists has recently caused serious concerns, and any crew that is accompanied by more than one cyclist will be heavily penalised - it is the responsibility of the club to ensure that supporters act in a responsible manner.

The throwing in of coxes by crews was now being strongly discouraged by OURCs and the University Clubs. Any crew throwing in their cox may be subject to penalty bumps under B12 (dangerous conduct), and that it would be extremely unfortunate if a crew lost their blades because of this.

The fines page would be updated by noon, Tuesday - these fines would be payable before racing on Wednesday. Any fines after this, would be payable before racing on Thursday.

7. Transfers

a) Philip Haines (New) to Osler-Green. Philip is a clinical medic who has competed for New in the past, but would now like to transfer to OG. Allowed.
Passed with 4 abstentions

8. AOB

Liz Nixon (ARA regional safety adviser) expressed her disappointment at the recent number of infringements of the Water Safety Code and encouraged Captains to ensure a full and comprehensive pass over of information to ensure continuity in matters of safety.

LN also pointed out that the Oxford University has a Divisional Representative, Mr Terry Dillon, who represents our interests on the National Council of the ARA. Captains were urged to contact Mr Dillon if they had any views about forthcoming proposals.

A meeting is due on the 18th, and a proposal was being brought that would see all new boats able to support the seated crew when swamped. In response to questions, LN said that the costs to colleges weren't known and that Eton, Sims and Aylings believed that it was not possible to support a boat with the gunwhales above water level.

On the question of existing boats, clubs must satisfy themselves that they reach the required standard (although this was not clearly defined) - and that all boats may have to be updated. A regional council meeting will be held shortly before the national council, and clubs could appoint a proxy.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8:45pm

AH 18/05/2002