OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

1st Week, Michaelmas Term 2002

1. Apologies for absence

Jo Telford (OUWBC)
Paul Stevenson (OURCs Internet Secretary)

2. Ratification of OURCs President for 2002/3

This motion was abandoned owing to the lack of OUBC President.
Guy Barnett (GB, OURCs Secretary chaired)

3. Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes were read out by GB as they had only just appeared on the webpage. There were no objections.

4. Matters arising


5. Squad news

Ed Biden (EB, OULRC President) announced that the lightweights had been training for a month now but were still on the look-out for any rowers over 6ft and under 13 stone and particularly any enthusiastic coxes. He announced that erg tests were taking place this Friday in SEH boat house. There was also a shameless plug for the new OULRC trailering service.

Camilla Vasa (CV, Jesus) reported that the lightweights were running jointly with the heavyweights at the moment. She also put in an appeal for any keen coxes.

6. Autumn Fours

GB announced that Autumn Fours would be Thursday of 5th Week (14th November) and that entries would be handled via e-mail – details to follow on the website. The Captains agreed to the event.

7. OURCs elections

Simon Wicks (Mansfield) to Ordinary Member
Alex MacDonald (Lincoln) to Ordinary Member

Both candidates spoke for a few seconds, detailing their experience.
For: Elected

8. Honorary Memberships

Matthew Moorhouse (Corpus) would like his honorary membership of St Anthony’s quashed

For: Passed

Stephanie Manson (Magdalen) would like honorary membership of Worcester (rowed for Worcester before)

There was nobody from Magdalen present and the Worcester delegate had never heard of the lady in question.
Against: Defeated

9. Rule changes

The speed order for the new entries succeeding in qualifying.
New entries succeeding in qualifying, in random order, determined by drawing lots.
Proposed: Stuart Jones (OURCs Committee) Seconded: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary)

Stuart Jones (SJ, OURCs Committee) explained the details of the proposal.
Tim Richardson (TR, Brasenose) queried whether this would lead to more crashes.
GB stated that it would only likely apply to the bottom few boats and that there would be no greater safety implications than in the rest of the divisions.
Luke Finch (LF, Oriel) said that we should leave it as it is because the novices need the practice.
For: Passed

Alter the amounts of fines to £10 and £25 rather than £5 and £25.
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: Stuart Jones (OURCs Committee)

GB explained that many of the richer Colleges were no longer taking the £5 fine seriously and that increasing it to £10 might encourage this.
Laura West (LW, St Catz) suggested a higher penalty for deliberate offences.
Several members of the OURCs committee enquired as to how one would define a deliberate offence.
Matt Parfitt (MP, Exeter) complained about a history of cruel and unusual fines.
LF claimed that people got fined for minor offences which they didn’t know about.
GB (amongst others) pointed out that the offences were in the rules.
Mark Diffenthal (MD, Wadham) seemed to miss the point entirely which was reiterated by SJ.
Several other suggestions were put forward such as increasing the £25 fine, adding a “bonus fine” for re-offending colleges, ranking the colleges as to who could afford it and running a sliding scale of fines and a three strikes and your out system.
Jon Turnbull (JT, Balliol) suggesting imposing technical bumps on colleges which repeatedly broke the rules.
Finally LW got bored and asked for a vote.
For: 7
Against: Defeated

10. Constitutional Amendments

The Oxford Institute of Legal Practice formally request membership of OURCs as a College. (Rewrite of C5 required – not prepared to do this until the motion is passed!!!)
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: TBA

GB asked for a new proposer and a seconder.
Proposed: Rob Nash (RN, Lincoln) Seconded: Luke Finch (Oriel)
Mark Howe (MH, OILP) was invited to present his case and did so for ages.
Mark Nixon (MN, ARA) asked where their boathouse was and whether they were affiliated to the ARA (knowing full well that they weren’t)
MH said that OILP were rowing as members of Falcon until they became a club in their own right.
Caroline Smith (CS2, OURCs Treasurer) starting quoting the Exam Regulations book.
MH agreed that OILP were not full members of the University and said that members of OILP were allowed to compete for Oxford Brookes at Henley.
Edd Edmondson (EE, OURCs Captain of Coxes) pointed out that if OILP were allowed to enter Torpids and Eights, some college crews would not be able to compete as a result.
MH stated that there was a lot of ill feeling towards OILP a couple of years ago.
MP suggested that they were as close to being in the University as possible without being in it.
Emily Cornborough (EC, Somerville) pointed out that Somerville had the slowest qualifying men’s’ and women’s’ boats in Eights 2002 and neither would have qualified if OILP were allowed to compete.
It was suggested that allowing OILP to enter would raise the overall standard which would be a good thing.
Ed Harrison (EH, St Anne’s) pointed out that if OILP were not ARA members then they were forbidden to join OURCs.
For: 25
Against: 18
Abstentions: 13

11. River closures

Nephthys Head and Regatta – Friday 22nd (afternoon) and Saturday 23rd November (6th Week)
Proposed: Ed Biden (OULRC President) Seconded: Stuart Jones (OURCs Committee)

EB explained that OULRC would like permission to hold their annual regatta and that it was a good warm up for Christ Church regatta the following week.
AH queried whether the marshalling would be better than last year.
EB stated that as far as he knew, everything went smoothly last year.
For: Passed

Christ Church Regatta – Wednesday 27th – Saturday 30th from 11am until sunset (7th Week)
Proposed: Henry Hammerbeck (Christ Church) Seconded: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary)

A representative of the Race Committee asked for permission to hold the event.
JT asked him if they had resolved their muppet marshalling issues from 2001.
The representative explained that they had appointed someone competent in charge of marshalling.
For: Passed

12. Tank bookings

Pat Lockley (PL, OUBC) explained that the new booking system was up and running at www.oubctank.com and that any suggestions should be directed to him.

13. ARA Bronze Award

PL announced that he has details.

14. Ratification of OURCs Constitution

This item was abandoned due to an e-mail failure.

15. AOB

CS2 explained that she didn’t have the cheque book yet and so couldn’t write or pay in any cheques.

Liz Nixon (LN, ARA) played a game which nobody won.

Jo Lywood (JL, LMH) requested a river closure for half an hour on Sunday 27th October from 13:00 until 13:30 for an old boys match.
For: Passed

GB encouraged the Captains to get their coaches to read the rules.