OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

7th Week, Michaelmas Term 2002

1. Apologies for absence

Caroline Smith (OURCs Treasurer)
Dave Roberts (OURCs Committee)
Jo Telford (OUWBC)
Laura Citron (Corpus)

2. Ratification of OURCs President for 2002/3

Matt Smith (MS, OUBC) was ratified as OURCs President with no objections.

3. Minutes of the last meeting

Guy Barnett (GB, OURCs Secretary) announced that the minutes had been on the website for some time now.

There were no objections.

4. Matters arising


5. Squad news

MS announced that the squad had been cut to 20 guys who had taken part in the 4s Head and the Indoor Erg Champs. Trial Eights are to be held on Monday the 2nd of December at 10.45am. Some squad members are also due to take part in ARA trials for the GB team. There is also a Christmas training camp planned to Spain.

The squad is operating with 16 girls who had a good result at the Erg Champs and with the crew which was entered into the 4s Head. Three crews were also entered for Kingston Small Boats Head. A training camp is planned for the new year followed by selection.

6. Constitutional Amendments

Addition to C5.3

8. Members of area studies centres (African Studies Centre, Asian Studies Centre, Brazilian Studies Centre, European Studies Centre, Latin American Centre, Middle East Centre, Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, and the Russian and East European Centre) may choose between membership of their College Boat Club and St. Antony's College Boat Club, but may not change clubs after competing in their first OURCs event, except by being granted honorary membership under C4.

Proposed: Nathan Converse (St Antony’s) Seconded: Claire Lehman (Osler-Green)

Nathan Converse (NC, St Antony’s) said that the motion was suggested to him by friends who wanted the same choice as clinical medics.

Andy Hadcroft (AH, OURCs Safety Adviser) pointed out that the situation wasn’t remotely similar to that of Osler-Green.

Conor O’Neill (CON, Wadham) argued that clinical medics received professional training and were under far stricter time constraints that students at area studies centres. He also queried the membership regulations of such a body citing that he was able to access the Middle East Centre for one of his undergraduate courses.

NC argued that taking a class was different from being in St Antony’s all day.

GB voiced his opinion that this was undermining what OURCs was all about; inter-collegiate events. He also warned of setting a dangerous precedent and was concerned at where the line would be drawn in the future.

Chris Grobler (CG, Linacre) pointed out that these people wouldn’t HAVE to row for St Antony’s.

CON explained the Osler-Green situation. He also raised a common complaint that MCRs were not involved enough in college life and that this motion would only serve to alienate them further.

For: 4
Against: Defeated.

7. Rule changes

R7.1 to become:

Within these rules, a senior crew is defined as an VIII or a coxed IV with a cox classified as "Senior" under Rule R6.4 and at least four rowers with three full terms rowing experience, and not containing any rower with less than one full term of rowing experience.

Proposed: Chris Hogg (St Hugh’s) Seconded: Edd Edmondson (OURCs Captain of Coxes)

A query was raised as to whether the term of experience had to be at Oxford.

GB replied that it didn’t.

Joss Knight (JK, BNC) enquired as to whether the only change was the addition of the final clause.

GB replied that it was.

The issue of enforcement was raised to which GB informed the captains that it was they who took on the legal responsibility and would be visiting the Proctors if their crew didn’t comply with the rules.

Matthew Parfait (MP, Exeter) complained that he had coxed a boat half-full of foreigners and that they didn’t understand him and asked whether a rule should be introduced to cover this.

Edd Edmondson (EE, OURCs Captain of Coxes) informed those present that Experienced or Senior coxes were required to make the safety decisions on a per outing basis in addition to any rules, and shouldn’t be taking out unsafe boats.

Luke Finch (LF, Oriel) asked whether a term in the tank was enough.

GB argued that a rower was highly unlikely to spend as much time in the tank as they would on the water.

MS argued that a boat was significantly less safe than a tank.

For: Passed.

8. Honorary Memberships

Helen Miller (Osler-Green) would like honorary membership of Exeter Typically ALLOWED (previously Exeter)

Exeter explained that she had rowed for them before.

Nobody from Osler-Green was present to comment.

For: Passed.

Will Mulholland (Balliol) would like honorary membership of St Catz Typically ALLOWED (previously Catz)

Catz explained that he had rowed for them for two years.

Balliol said that they had received a letter from Catz and had no objections.

For: Passed.

Gabriel Brat (St Cross (Wolfson)) would like honorary membership of St Antony’s Typically NOT ALLOWED

GB enquired as to whether Gabriel was at an area studies centre.
NC replied that he was.

Wolfson said that Gabriel had rowed on maybe one training outing with them and had no objections.

GB argued that people shouldn’t be able to pick and choose which college they row for.

NC queried why St Cross members rowed for Wolfson.

GB stated that the smaller colleges had established historical links. He read out the rules regarding this.

For: 23
Against: 21
Abstentions: 6


Florian Nickels-Teske (Pembroke) would like honorary membership of St Antony’s Typically NOT ALLOWED

GB once again enquired as to whether the person in question was from an area studies centre.

NC confirmed that he was.

Emma Graham (EG, Pembroke) said “Take him. Take him.”

For: 26
Against: 18
Abstentions: 8


Louise Walford (Harris-Manchester) would like honorary membership of Wadham Typically NOT ALLOWED

Wadham explained that they had been approached by Louise because she was unable to row for Harris-Manchester. She had only had a couple of outings with Harris-Manchester and they had not entered any women’s crews for Christ Church Regatta and weren’t planning to enter any for Torpids.

AH explained that whilst this was “typically not allowed” a precedent had been set and that the only reason that Harris-Manchester were still affiliated was because they entered Torpids, which didn’t happen.

GB explained that the Harris-Manchester captain had contacted him supporting this motion.

For: Passed.

Emily Stokes-Rees (Pembroke) would like her honorary membership of Linacre quashed

GB explained that if point 9 was passed then Emily would only be eligible to row for Linacre. He explained that Emily had transferred back to Linacre last year on a “typically allowed” transfer.

EG explained that Emily was the Pembroke Junior Dean and wanted to row for them.

Rachel Nimmo (RN, Linacre) complained that Pembroke had not informed them of their intentions, nor had they consulted Emily. She was particularly aggrieved because Emily is the Linacre President this year.

EG claimed that she had consulted both Emily and the other Linacre captain.

CON said that it was pretty dodgy for her to keep changing her allegiances.

GB read out a section of an e-mail received from Emily which stated her wish to honour her commitment to Linacre.

Alex Macdonald (AM, OURCs Committee) said that he was under the impression that Emily wanted to row for Linacre.

For: 3
Against: Defeated.

9. Ratification of new OURCs Rules and Constitution

GB announced that the new set of rules had been up on the website for a while now and that it had been decided to leave the old R9.4 as it was.

There were no objections and so the new rules were ratified.

10. AOB

GB announced that Torpids entries would probably go on-line from 0th Week next term.

CON asked whether anything had been done regarding a development committee.

GB said that it hadn’t.

CG asked what was being done about the state of the towpath and enquired whether he should propose a motion.

Stuart Jones (SJ, OURCs Committee) said that he thought that the towpath belonged to Univ between the Head and Longbridges.

CON suggested that Univ boat club be ordered out onto the towpath with spades.

GB said that he would speak to the Council.