OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

2nd Week, Hilary Term 2003

1. Apologies for absence

Paul Stevenson (OURCs Internet Secretary)
James Ballinger (OURCs Committee)
Simon Wicks (OURCs Committee)
Jo Telford (OUWBC)

2. Minutes of the last meeting

Guy Barnett (GB, OURCs Secretary) announced that they had been on the internet for some time.
There were no objections.

3. Matters arising

GB announced that he had phoned several departments of the Council about the towpath but then it flooded and got worse.

4. Squad news


Matt Smith (MS, OUBC) announced that since the last Captains’ Meeting, OUBC had held Trial Eights in which one of the boats had won by a significant margin. He said that the GB guys had been trialling in singles and had done well. The squad had gone cross country skiing and then on a winter training camp in Spain. They had held 5k erg tests and were now operating with 20 people. He hoped that the Blue Boat would be picked by the end of next week and Isis soon afterwards. He said that they were planning fixtures against Imperial, London RC, Molesey RC and Leander. The Boat Race is on Sunday 6th April.


Camilla Vasa (CV, OUWLRC) said that the women had taken 14 girls on a training camp in Belgium where it was -10 degrees, but this did not deter them from rowing. They then seat raced at Dorney and are now operating with a squad of 10. They have future fixtures planned against Thames RC, Marlow and Twickenham. The Henley Boat Races are on 30th March.

5. Constitutional Amendments

This meeting would disaffiliate Harris-Manchester BC in their own right from OURCs and add to rule C5.3
“8. Wadham College Boat Club includes members of Harris-Manchester.”

Proposed: Mark Diffenthal (Wadham) Seconded: JP Nogues (Harris-Manchester)

JP (Harris-Manchester) described the Harris-Manchester situation – 9 novices (both sexes), no coach and no money. He explained that he was a complete novice who took up the Captaincy because nobody else did. He also explained that there was apparently an historic relationship with Mansfield, but that Mansfield had turned down their request to be affiliated. JP went on to explain how Harris-Manchester had approached several other Colleges and had decided on Wadham because of its proximity to Harris-Manchester and also because Harris-Manchester already have a student rowing for Wadham.

Mark Diffenthal (MD, Wadham) explained that it was part of OURCs job to encourage participation in rowing and that this would allow people at Harris-Manchester to row.

Conor O’Neill (CON, Wadham) said that Wadham would preserve Harris-Manchester’s identity in external regattas and would encourage Harris-Manchester to become independent again once they had built up a rowing pedigree.

No objections were made from the floor.

For: Passed

6. Honorary Memberships

New College request honorary membership of Sarah Livermore (no college). She is an ex-undergrad at New and has worked for the University since graduating in 2002.

For: Passed

St Hilda’s request honorary membership of Rachel Abbott (no College) formerly of St Hilda's, who has been in continuous possession of a BOD card and is now working for the University.

Pete Hackworth (PH, OUBC) pointed out that Rachel was a formed President of OUWLRC and would therefore add a significant advantage to St Hilda’s.

Nobody seemed to care.

For: Passed

Trinity request honorary membership of Graham Sinden (no College) formerly of Trinity, who has been in continuous possession of a BOD card and is now working for the University.

For: Passed

7. River Closure

Trinity request a river closure for half an hour on Saturday February 1st from 2pm for a match against their old boys.

GB pointed out the unfairness of closing the river for one College in an already disrupted term.

Trinity asked if they should move to a more convenient time.

6.30am was duly rejected and the motion was amended for a closure from 4.30pm.

For: 28
Against: Passed

8. Ratification of Senior Umpires for Torpids

Rachel Quarrell
Jonathan Price

GB asked if there were any objections.
CON asked if JP was still coaching Queens.
GB said probably and asked again if anyone had any objections.

9. Isis Winter League

GB explained that he had sent the details of the event out to Captains and that he had spare entry forms if people required them. He reminded the Captains that the deadline for the first event was this coming Saturday.

St Antony’s queried whether they should put “M1” on their form for their first eight.
GB said that the standard was only a guide so that the Race Committee didn’t put a quick boat behind a slow one and that the Committee appreciated the difference between M1 for one College and M1 for another. He said that the information would not be disclosed to other parties.

10. AOB

Edd Edmondson (EE, OURCs Captain of Coxes) announced that he would be standing down after Torpids and that a replacement would be needed.

Andy Hadcroft (AH, OURCs Safety Adviser) said that OURCs needed COMPETENT Marshals for Torpids and Eights. Competent volunteers would be rewarded.

GB read a verbal statement from the Council for Oxford University Rowing (COUR)

MS explained the purpose of COUR and their role in an overall strategy for Oxford rowing.

CON suggested having a College Captains rep on the Council

MS agreed to raise it at COUR

MS said that Steve Royle (SR, Director of Rowing) was concerned about students, particularly freshers, using rowing as an excuse for missing work. MS asked the Captains to strongly discourage this as it gives rowers a bad name throughout the University.

MS announced that OUBC were trying to establish which men’s crew was actually the fastest and that OUWBC would probably do the same for the women’s crews. He said that they planned to award a trophy to the fastest crew but how this was to be decided was still being decided. He said that a separate competition would be ideal but this created problems as it would be severely overshadowed by Eights. He also suggested that crews could be timed from Donny bridge to the finish each day at bumps and the trophy be presented to the crew with the quickest time.

PH said that the competition would be devalued if not everyone turned up to it. He said that if it was before Eights many crews wouldn’t want to give a psychological advantage to crews starting near them by giving away their speed.

EE queried who would time the boats given that most of OUBC would be likely to be racing in Mdiv1.

GB pointed out that OURCs wouldn’t do it.