OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

6th Week, Hilary Term 2003

1. Apologies for absence

Caroline Smith (OURCs Treasurer)
Paul Stevenson (OURCs Internet Secretary)
Joanne Telford (OUWBC)

2. Minutes of the last meeting

There were no objections

3. Matters arising


4. Minutes of the Committee Meeting 13/02/03

The following minutes were read out:

Minutes of OURCs Committee Meeting held on 13/02/03 in Boster Hall, University College at 17.45

Present: Guy Barnett (Oriel, Secretary), Edd Edmondson (Jesus, Captain of Coxes), Paul Stevenson (Worcester, Internet Secretary), Stuart Jones (Univ), Simon Wicks (Mansfield), James Ballinger (Brasenose), Dave Roberts (Keble)

Apologies: Matt Smith (St Anne's, President), Jo Telford (Green), Ed Biden (Magdalen), Camilla Vasa (St Annes), Caroline Smith (Somerville, Treasurer), Alexander MacDonald (Lincoln)

Those present had previously been made aware of an incident involving Trinity BC navigating Osney lock on a red board.

GB explained that the committee had been called to deal with Trinity but he also said that the ARA would probably be looking into the incident independently.

The committee discussed the poor wording of R2 and concluded that under the rule as written, Trinity BC were not in breach. It was the recommendation of the committee that specific rules regarding locks be added to the rules. It was found, however, that Trinity BC were in breach of R4.2 and should be fined £25 for this.

The Osney lock keeper's comments were passed round and EE said that he was planning to demote the coxswain to Novice status until the end of Hilary term. There were no objections raised.

The committee focused on R17.3.3 and discussed at some length whether they had the power to interpret Trinity's actions as an Extreme Transgression of the rules. A formal vote was taken and by 4 votes to 2 it was decided that the committee couldn't interpret this incident as an Extreme Transgression, yet the committee was keen to make clear that Trinity BC were extremely lucky owing to the poor wording of R17.3.3 and that action should be taken to alter this rule.

It was noted that G6 required Colleges to conform to R3 and R4 and that Trinity did not conform with R4.2. It was suggested that members of Trinity BC be made to sign forms so as to fulfil R4, but it was pointed out that they had done this before Summer Eights last year and it didn't seem to have done anything then. The committee discussed the possibility of Technical Bumps in Summer Eights given the serious nature of the incident, but it was decided that this could create problems for all Trinity BC boats.

The committee then discussed the ARA self assessment form but decided that rejecting the form from Trinity BC would impact on all their crews in Torpids so decided to formally ask the ARA to perform a Safety Audit on Trinity BC as a whole.


5. Squad news

Matt Smith (MS, OUBC) announced that the provisional Blue Boat has been picked and has raced Imperial and London Rowing Club, neither of whom had posed any competition. There will be future fixtures against Leander and Molesey.
He admitted to "busting" his hand but said that it would not affect OUBC's chances in The Boat Race.
He also announced that OUBC would be running a Development Squad which would be starting next term.

Ed Biden (EB, OULRC) said that both crews had been selected and that they were pleased because they had won Bedford Head where Cambridge were competing. They are to race Notts County before their Varsity race on 30th of March.

Camilla Vasa (CV, OUWLRC) said that they had picked their crew two weeks ago and that they had arranged fixtures against Marlow and Thames and were also planning to race the Women's Head of the River Race, where the Cambridge opposition would be competing.

6. Rule Changes

R2 Alter:
"The following EA regulations are also enforceable as OURCs rules"
"EA regulations are enforceable under OURCs rules, in particular:"
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: Stuart Jones (OURCs Committee)

Guy Barnett (GB, OURCs Secretary) explained that in light of the incident with Trinity BC a potential loop-hole had been spotted.

Conor O'Neill (CON, Wadham) asked that a clause be added to emphasise the fact that this still only applied to the Isis and Godstow.

GB agreed to add this clause despite an objection from a non-voting member present.

"EA regulations are enforceable under OURCs rules (on the Isis and at Godstow), in particular:"

For: Passed.

R15 Add:
"3. No crew may navigate a lock without the prior permission of the lock keeper (NB Red Boards mean DO NOT NAVIGATE)."
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: Stuart Jones (OURCs Committee)

A query was raised as to whether this applied under all flag conditions.

GB said that it did.

CON thought that it would be more sensible to just say that you couldn't navigate under Red Boards.

GB explained that the flag for the Isis is governed by the weir at Iffley and does not necessarily tie in with the boards at Godstow.

CON argued that it was absurd to have to ring the lock keeper under very calm green flag conditions in the summer. He also argued that lock keepers would not appreciate early morning phone calls.

GB pointed out that weirs were dangerous and that it was fairly rare for Colleges to take boats through them and that he didn't think it was unreasonable to ring the lock keeper in advance. He pointed out that their phone numbers were on the OURCs website.

CON proposed an amendment to read "3. No crew may navigate a lock showing a Red Board"

GB objected to this on the grounds that if you get close enough to see the boards you are already too close to the weir under fast stream conditions.

Nonetheless, the Captains accepted the amendment and moved to vote on the new motion.

For: Passed.

R17.3.3 Alter:
"Extreme transgressions are defined as those resulting in serious accidents, or rowing while banned either by the red flag or a previous penalty"
"Extreme transgressions are defined as those resulting in serious incidents, or rowing whilst banned, for example by an OURCs flag or a previous penalty."
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: Stuart Jones (OURCs Committee)

GB explained that this rule was rarely used but that the archaic nature of its wording made it extremely limiting in its effect. He explained that "the red flag" was far too limiting and dated back to a time when the system was simpler.

There were no comments from the Captains.

For: Passed.

G6.3 Alter:
"before ANY boat races in Autumn IVs"
"before ANY boat races in Autumn IVs or the Isis Winter League"
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: Stuart Jones (OURCs Committee)

A query was raised as to the context of this clause.

GB said that it was "Fines must be paid…"

For: Passed

7. Honorary Memberships

Merton would like honorary membership for Anne Goodgame (no college), formerly of Merton who has been in continuous possession of a BOD card.

St Catz would like honorary membership of Lyndsey Highton (Green) who was an undergraduate at St Catz.

Wolfson request honorary membership of Wendy Storr (no college), formerly St Cross, who has been in continuous possession of a BOD card.

All the Honorary Memberships were passed without objection.

8. Ratification of Senior Umpires for Torpids

Andy Hadcroft

There were no objections.

9. River Closures

OURLC would like the boat club captains to agree to a river closure on the Thursday and Friday of second week in trinity term between 1pm and 6pm. This would allow the club to run a summer sprints regatta, providing racing experience for crews before eights and especially novices since Christ church regatta was cancelled. The regatta would also raise much needed funds for the club, which we are especially in need of since Nephthys regatta was cancelled in Michlemas.
Proposed: Ed Biden (OULRC President) Seconded: Jo Telford (OUWBC President)

There was a query as to how much the entry fees would be.

EB said that they would likely be similar to events such as Christ Church Regatta.

For: Passed

Somerville request a river closure for a match against their sponsors between 4-5pm on Friday 2nd May (1st Week)2003.

Stuart Jones (SJ, OURCs Committee) queried what the point of a river closure was as it would only apply to the OURCs crews.

Somerville said it was to drastically reduce the river traffic by removing the OURCs crews.

For: Passed.

10. Torpids Start Order

GB read out the Rowing On results and then MS did the draw for the starting positions of the newly qualified crews.

11. AOB