OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

1st Week, Trinity Term 2003

1. Apologies for absence

Stuart Jones (OURCs Committee)

2. Minutes of the last meeting

Guy Barnett (GB, OURCs Secretary) announced that the minutes of the previous meeting had been on the internet for some time.

There were no objections.

3. Matters arising

GB reminded the Captains of the river closures:

Somerville's match against their sponsors on Friday of 1st Week 4-5pm
Nephthys Sprint Regatta planned for Thursday and Friday of 2nd Week - still not approved and there had been no entries.

4. Squad news


Matt Smith (MS, OUBC President) announced that the spare pair had won by four lengths, Isis had lost by three lengths and that the Blue Boat had won by a foot.
OUBC had sent two pairs to GB trials and the pair containing Robin and Baz had finished 7th and been selected for the GB squad.
MS announced that a Development Squad was due to start after Summer Eights when they were planning to assemble boats for Henley Royal Regatta.


Sarah Waldron (SW, OUWBC President) announced that Osiris had won by two lengths and the Blue Boat had won by three and a half lengths. Some of the squad were still training for BUSA and for Women's Henley.
Sarah Martin had made GB trials.
SW also brought up the fact that the Women's Summer Squad meeting would be earlier this year so as to make the deadline for entries to Women's Henley. It will be on the 18th of May in Pembroke College at 4pm and trials would be held the following week.


Camilla Vasa (CV, OUWLRC President) announced that the OUWLRC crew had won by two lengths and that some of the squad were still training for BUSA and Nat. Champs.

5. OURCs Elections

Edd Edmondson (Jesus College, Captain of Coxes) to Ordinary Member
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: Caroline Smith (OURCs Treasurer)

Jennifer Thomson (New College) to Ordinary Member
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: Caroline Smith (OURCs Treasurer)

Sophie Hart (Lincoln College) to Ordinary Member
Proposed: Caroline Smith (OURCs Treasurer) Seconded: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary)

All Candidates were duly elected.

6. Constitutional Amendments

'That the Oxford Institute of Legal Practice Boat Club (OXILP BC) be formally affiliated to the OURCs as a College Boat Club, and that Rule C5 be amended to add "Membership of OXILP BC is restricted to those in possession of valid OXILP Library Cards".

Proposed: Alex Macdonald (OURCs Committee) Seconded: Sarah De Clermont (Lincoln)

Alexander Macdonald (AM, OURCs Committee) made a long speech in favour of the OXILP. He mentioned their associate status within the University and that they had received associate membership if OUSU. He listed a few sports which OXILP members were already participating within Oxford University and even listed a couple of minor sports at which OXILP members had competed against Cambridge - Golf and American Football.

Conor O'Neill (CON, Wadham) countered a lot of AM's arguments, making the point that they were associated to the University, not members of it and that they were associate members of OUSU because they were not full University members they could not have proper OUSU membership. He pointed out that the fact that they held BOD readers cards made them no more entitled to row than people who had left. He emphasised the College history of the event and pointed out that Eights was already oversubscribed with full University members missing out each year. He felt that OXILP, a joint venture between Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University had no place in an intercollegiate event. He concluded by saying that this could be the thin end of a wedge and could open the door to more subject based institutions. He thought that Osler-Green had caused the Captains enough headaches already and didn't see a reason to cause any more.

Edd Edmondson (EE, OURCs Committee) queried a previous statement from the Council for Oxford University Rowing regarding the OXILP.

GB stated that in the COUR verbal statement which he delivered to a previous meeting, COUR had expressed its opinion that the OXILP had no place in Oxford University rowing.

A query was also raised as to the Proctor's authority to an associated institution, but nobody knew the answer.

Andy Hadcroft (AH, Brasenose) stated his opinion that allowing an associated institute into OURCs couldn't possibly marry with the whole idea of OURCs - to support College rowing.

Queries were raised as to whether other people without BOD cards were eligible to row, for Osler-Green for example.

GB replied that, aside from associate members for Bumps Racing which are heavily restricted, all other competitors had BOD cards.

Emily Baldock (EB, Wolfson) said that students at the OXILP were no different to students doing Masters courses at other Universities and so shouldn't be allowed to compete in OURCs events.

GB asked how many of the 55 people in the room were ineligible to vote - 3, including MS, the Chair.

For: 6
Against: Overwhelmingly Defeated.

7. Rule Changes

A series of Rule Changes proposed on the behalf of recent Senior Umpires and the OURCs Senior Member are currently being worded and will appear here.

GB read out the following rules that were formally proposed by GB and seconded by Paul Stevenson (PS, OURCs Internet Secretary).

Change B4.4 to
"Anyone wishing to appear as an Associate Member for one College who is eligible to appear for another College must have the signed written permission of both College Captains concerned, specifically given for that event/regatta."

GB explained that this was to avoid any potential misunderstandings similar to those that had arisen with St Antony's during Torpids 2003.

For: Passed.

Add O7
"Organisers are required to publish a full set of rules for their event online before the closing date for entries. They may include some or all of the OURCs Rules of Racing or Rules for Bumping Races, but must clearly identify which sections are to apply."

GB explained that it was not unreasonable to allow people to know the rules before they enter.

For: Passed.

Change R8.5 (Scheduled Closures) from
"On the Godstow stretch on Sundays between 2.00pm and 6.00pm (out of courtesy to the Medley Yacht Club)."
"On the Godstow stretch on Sundays between 2.00pm and 6.00pm, between March and November inclusive (out of courtesy to the Medley Yacht Club)."
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: Caroline Smith (OURCs Treasurer)

GB explained that Medley sailing club didn't sail in the winter so we might as well row then.

For: Passed.

Add R8.6 (Scheduled Closures)
"On the Godstow stretch on Wednesdays after 7.00pm during Trinity Term (out of courtesy to the Medley Yacht Club)."
Proposed: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary) Seconded: Caroline Smith (OURCs Treasurer)

GB explained that they did, however, sail on Wednesday evenings in the summer and that we shouldn't row then.

CON explained that recently this time had coincided with a ban by Teddies School anyway.

For: Passed.

Add Rule B4.6
"Associate member coxes, may cox any boat, subject to agreement by a captains meeting."
Proposed: Rachael Nimmo (Linacre) Seconded: Louis Dezseran (St Anthony's)

Rachel Nimmo (RN, Linacre) explained that the small Colleges found it difficult to find enough coxes and that this would allow them more flexibility. She also explained that many people at the graduate Colleges were on one year courses and so development of coxes was a problem.

AH said that Captains could always pass an Honorary Membership to allow somebody to cox.

RN argued that they wanted something set in stone so as to allow a precedent.

CON was worried that the rule was open to abuse and that it discouraged coxing development.

EE said that he didn't see how the size argument was relevant as they only had to find one cox to eight rowers.

CON came up with lots of useless suggestions which were ignored.

GB discouraged the Captains from allowing this motion on the grounds that it was open to serious abuse, not only by the "big" Colleges but by the small ones as well.

For: 6
Against: Defeated

8. Honorary Memberships

Brasenose request honorary membership of Joss Knight, formerly of Brasenose, who has been in continuous possession of a BOD card since finishing his DPhil. Typically allowed.

After a completely pointless argument about what the rules might or might not mean and about the precise status of Joss Knight, the Honorary Membership was overwhelmingly passed.

9. Ratification of Senior Umpires for Eights

Rachel Quarrel
Jonathan Price
Andy Hadcroft
Gareth Powell
Laura Dance
All the Senior Umpires were ratified without objection

10. Summer Eights

GB asked the Captains to check that they had received a letter from him detailing their Marshalling, Stewarding and Umpiring duties for Summer Eights. He asked them to check them against the versions on the web which were accurate.

11. River Closures

Oriel College requests a river closure for their annual regatta from 1pm - 7pm on Thursday to Saturday of 7th week

Granted with no objections.

12. AOB

The Merton Captain requested that if somebody had "borrowed" the cap for their petrol tank at Godstow that they might return it.

AM made an appeal for Colleges to put forward their launch drivers with an RYA level 2 certificate.

CON asked whether GB had asked COUR to accept a College Captains Rep.

GB replied that he hadn't because COUR only meets termly and so hadn't met since the last time he'd asked.

A query was raised as to whether the towpath would be fixed for Eights.

GB replied that he had spoken to several people on the subject and that it definitely wouldn't be fixed before Eights, but that if anybody had around £250,000 they wanted to donate, it could be fixed afterwards.