OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

4th Week, Trinity Term 2003

1. Apologies for absence

Dave Roberts (OURCs Safety Adviser)
Sarah Waldron (OUWBC President)

2. Minutes of the last meeting

Guy Barnett (GB, OURCs Secretary) announced that they had been on the internet for some time.

There were no objections.

3. Matters arising


4. Squad news


Matt Smith (MS, OUBC President) announced that most of the squad rowers had returned to row with their Colleges and that many were coaching as well.
He said that Bas Dixon and Robin Bourne-Taylor who had been training with the Great Britain squad had raced at Essen and had come 5th and 3rd in their two races. He also announced that after a fours matrix, Robin had made the 8+ and that Bas would either be in the 4+ or the spare pair.
He reminded the Captains of the OUBC Development Squad which Andy Nelder was running and encouraged anyone else that was interested to get involved.
He revealed plans to take two fours to Henley to enter into the Britannia and the Visitors and possible another boat from the Development Squad.
He also mentioned OUBC plans for a summer cycling camp and trips to New Zealand and China.


Jo Telford (JT1, OUWBC) said that OUWBC were participating in Metropolitan Regatta as a warm up to Henley and the National Championships.
She said that Summer Squad trials had already happened and that the individuals concerned should know whether they had been selected.
She encouraged anybody interested in trialling in September to contact Sarah Waldron (OUWBC President, Wadham)


Ed Biden (EB, OULRC) encouraged oarsmen to contact Jeni Todd (OULRC President, Keble) for details of their Summer Squad.
He also said that OULRC plans for Henley were still undecided.

5. OURCs Elections

Jenny Williams (St Anne's) to Ordinary Member
Proposed: Caroline Smith (OURCs Treasurer) Seconded: Alexander Macdonald (OURCs Committee)

Jenny gave a brief speech and was duly elected.

Alexander Macdonald to Captain of Coxes
Proposed: Edd Edmondson (OURCs Committee) Seconded: Guy Barnett (OURCs Secretary)

Edd Edmondson (EE, OURCs Committee) encouraged Captains to vote so that Alex could take over the coxing duties. Alex was then elected.

6. Constitutional Amendments


7. Rule Changes

8. Honorary Memberships

Pembroke request Honorary Membership of Matthew Clayton-Stead (Somerville), formerly of Pembroke. Typically Allowed.

Pembroke said that they had received written permission from Somerville and the Honorary Membership was duly granted.

9. Summer Eights

Motion to move Summer Eights back by one hour on Saturday.

This motion is for the Saturday of Summer Eights to be moved back by one hour. This would bring all timings in line with the other 3 days of the event. The principle reasons for adjusting the timing are:

1. Consistency across all four days of Summer Eights would eliminate any confusion (especially amongst more inexperienced crews) of when crews were racing and therefore needed to boat, warm up etc. and also from the marshalling/stewarding rotas.

2. Finalists with exams on Saturday afternoon would be able to watch Women's division 1 and Men's division 1. Even if finalists have not finished by this point, they have at least one day off before their next exam and many would appreciate being able to watch division 1 race on the Saturday race, as this is one of the highlights of the Oxford social calendar for rowers and non rowers alike.

3. Finalists that have rowed on other days of Summer Eights would be able to row on the Saturday as well, regardless of their exam timetable. This removes the situation where finalists can row for the first three days of eights, but not Saturday, which is the climax of the event.

Proposed: Ed Biden (OULRC) Seconded:

EB, JT1 and MS all lent their support to the motion and JT1 agreed to Second it.

MS explained that even if the motion was carried it may not be possible to implement it this year.

GB clarified this by explaining the number of people who volunteer to help run the event and that he would do his best to persuade them to do it an hour later, but that he couldn't guarantee that they would be able to.

Luke Finch (LF, Oriel) said that, whilst this motion didn't affect them, OURCs should be supporting finalists who put their rowing first.

Mark Diffenthal (MD, Wadham) said that it only affected Men's Division 1.

Mike Bull (OULRC) proposed an amendment that the motion take effect from next year.

It was pointed out that the Colleges involved must have known that this was a problem for a long time and that they should have made a contingency plan.

The Magdalen Captain said that EB had brought it up with GB as soon as he knew his timetable and that this was the earliest opportunity that it could be brought before the Captains.

EE suggested that we set a deadline by which the OURCs Committee would announce whether it had been possible to move the racing.

Alistair Laird (AL, St Hugh's) said that he didn't agree that most finalists rowed in Men's Division 1 and that this would only be benefiting a small number of people.

LF suggested moving just the top two divisions.

This was meant with general disapproval as it would mean longer hours of racing.

A query was raised as to whether Colleges would be fined for not providing Marshals if the divisions were moved.

GB said that they couldn't run races without Marshals and so that fines would be imposed.

Jen Thomson (JT2, OURCs Committee) said that exam timetables were produced, at least provisionally, months in advance and that this problem could have been foreseen.

EB said that the timetables frequently changed.

James Ballinger (JB, Brasenose) argued that changing the timings which had stayed the same for the last seven years wouldn't make things less confusing.

Joss Knight (JK, Brasenose) said that people miss Eights because of Finals every day and that this motion seemed very selfish on the part of one individual. He also said that it was a sensible time to race and that the only reason why we didn't race earlier on weekdays was because the Proctors don't let us.

LF said that these people had been sacrificing their work and that it was only a small change to make.

Mark Vickers (MV, Oriel) said that the divisions often run late anyway and that we would only be putting it in writing.

JT2 queried whether this was what we actually wanted long term and also queried whether the boatmen would actually do it.

A vote was taken on whether to accept MB's amendment:

For: 28
Against: 25
Abstentions: 5

MS asked for a recount:

For: 25
Against: 29
Abstentions: 10


A vote was then taken on the motion as it read on the agenda:

For: 15
Against: Defeated

10. River Closures

Merton would like to take two eights out simultaneously on the Sunday after eights in order to race against their old members. They duly request an exemption to Rule R9.2.

Wadham also requested that they be granted an exemption for the same reasons.

Nobody seemed to care so both Merton and Wadham were granted an exemption from Rule R9.2 for Sunday of 6th Week.

11. AOB

JK requested that the Captains send competent people to umpire as it was essentially their word which decided the outcome of the races.

Liz Nixon (LN, ARA Regional Safety Adviser) encouraged the Captains to read and understand all the new safety information including the new Water Safety Code. She encouraged Captains to ensure that there was a proper hand over of information when the new Captains took over.

Mark Nixon (MN, ARA Regional Chairman) encouraged the Colleges to make sure that their behaviour was up to scratch because the ARA had powers to suspend their water activity.