OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

6th Week, Hilary Term 2004

Apologies: Nicky Fawcett (OURCs); Jeni Tod (OULRC); Andy Berridge (Keble)

1) Minutes of the previous meeting

These were approved as an accurate recording of the proceedings

2) Matters arising


3) Squad news

Not present

The squad had been training as two set crews for three weeks. There had been a private match against Marlow when both boats had performed well; another private match against Thames had also been organised. The crews would also race in the Women’s Head.

The crews are now selected, the only event of note is Bedford head. Both Cambridge’s and our blue boat and reserve boat completed the course twice. Our blue boat beat Cambridge in the first run by 2 seconds and then the next run by 3 seconds. The blue boat posted the fastest time of the day in 5.48 seconds. Nephthys and Granta’s fastest times were identical. This is a useful event but is still 5 weeks from the race so we can’t infer too much.

Training was going well. The crew had arranged a private match against Thames, and would be racing in the Women’s Head.

4) Minutes of an OURCs committee meeting held on 25th January 2004

Emily Baldock (OURCs Secretary) informed the meeting of the results of the reconsidered penalty imposed on the Worcester/Somerville women’s crews. Their cox had been demoted to novice status until Torpids and then back up to experienced status for Torpids. The two women’s squads were banned from the river during the weekend before Torpids and the £100 split fine still stood. However, no penalty bumps would be imposed and OURCs had not requested an official ARA safety audit of the clubs.

5) Report from COUR

a) Sabbatical and affiliation fees
EB reported that there had been a constructive discussion at COUR about the possibility of introducing a rowing sabbatical to take over the position of OURCs secretary. The captains were informed that although some money would probably be forthcoming from the University, any such position would require some kind of subscription from the college boat clubs in order for the necessary funds to be found. The captains were generally in favour of this approach so long as any subscriptions were proportional to club size. It was also suggested that the ARA be approached to see if they could provide some funding.

b) Mandatory swim tests
EB explained the COUR ruling that as of next year all rowers would have to be tested, and that this might become a requirement for Eights this year. It was hoped that OURCs could organise some general swim tests next year for colleges to ensure that their last few rowers had all been tested.

c) Exemption for single scullers from restriction on morning outings
EB explained that she had sought an exemption for single scullers at combined colleges during weekday mornings. COUR had been in favour of this proposal which had been put forward to the University’s Rules Committee. However, they felt that a risk assessment for lone scullers was necessary so no change looked likely before next academic year.

6) Rowing on results

Michael Bull (Torpids Race Secretary) announced that the floating division would be a women’s division and informed the meeting of which crews had qualified. The order of the new entries was decided.

7) Ratification of senior umpires for Torpids 2004

Rachel Quarrell
Andrew Hadcroft
Jonathan Price
Laura Dance
Gareth Powell

These were all ratified.

8) Motions

a) As of Monday of 0th week, Trinity Term 2004:

Delete R13 and R14 and replace as follows:
R13. Fast Stream Conditions – ‘The Isis’ - Iffley Lock to Oxford Canal (OS Grid Ref SP 503 065) During fast stream conditions, special rules are in force on this stretch, as indicated on the OURCs website (‘The Isis Flag’):

1. Red Flag (4 bucks): Isis closed to all University and College rowers. Crews rowing on stretches other than the Isis/Godstow do so entirely at their own risk, and are advised to abide by the advice of local boat clubs regarding whether it is safe to do so.

2. Amber Flag (3 bucks): Isis closed to all College crews except Senior Crews as defined in R7. Crews must spin between the red and white posts 100m downstream of Donnington Bridge and upstream of Haystacks Corner. River closed between Folly Bridge and Oxford Canal. Navigation of Osney and Iffley Locks prohibited.

3. Blue Flag (2 bucks): Isis closed to Novice status coxes. Crews must spin between the red and white posts 100m downstream of Donnington Bridge and upstream of Haystacks Corner. River closed between Folly Bridge and Oxford Canal. Navigation of Osney and Iffley Locks prohibited.

R14. Fast Stream Conditions – ‘Godstow’ - St Edward's School Boathouse to Oxford Canal (OS Grid Ref SP 503 065) During fast stream conditions, special rules are in force on the Godstow stretch, as indicated on the OURCs website (‘The Godstow Flag’):

1. Red Flag (4 bucks): Godstow stretch closed to all crews.

2. Amber Flag (3 bucks): Godstow closed to all College crews except Senior Crews as defined in R7. River closed below Rainbow Bridge. Navigation of Osney Lock prohibited.

Proposed: Stuart Jones (OURCs); Seconded: Emily Baldock (OURCs)

SJ explained that he had often been asked for there to be a Godstow flag system on the website so that colleges would know in advance what the river conditions at Godstow were. He noted that Godstow and the Isis are not always the same flag so needed separate systems.

Although this change was welcomed, there was some discussion about whether or not Godstow high stream conditions really required a senior cox, and whether or not there ought to be a blue flag. It was explained that when there was some stream the Godstow stretch was still safe for novice coxes as it was neither as narrow nor as congested as the Isis, but that when the stream was very high senior coxes were required because there were potentially dangerous conditions caused by the sluices near the boathouse rafts. Experienced coxes were not always assessed so it could not be guaranteed that they could cope with these conditions. It was noted that although changes to cox status might be considered, that was not the point of this motion, and such changes ought not to go through without more detailed consideration by people such as Rachel Quarrell and the Captain of Coxes.

Motion passed overwhelmingly.

b) Amend R17.3 to read £10 instead of £5 [fine for a minor transgression].

Proposed: David Locke (OURCs); Seconded: Emily Baldock (OURCs)

DL explained that he felt that the £5 fine was not being taken sufficiently seriously and that, as it had been in place for many years, it needed to be increased. There was some discussion about whether or not OURCs committee members were using their discretion properly in deciding whether or not to fine, but most people felt this was not directly relevant to the motion. It was pointed out that any committee member who was abusing the fining system could always be no-confidenced.

The motion was passed: For: 40; Against: 11; Abstentions: 5

c) Request for a river closure for Wolfson college on Saturday 13th March (8th week) from 5.00pm to 5.30pm in order that they can race Darwin College, Cambridge as part of their annual sports day.

Proposed: Wendy Storr (Wolfson); Seconded: Alastair Gemmell (Wolfson)

It was requested that colleges be reminded of this beforehand. EB agreed to do so.

Motion passed overwhelmingly.

d) Motion to alter the floating division rule:


EB explained that the motion had been withdrawn before rowing on. She also asked captains to consider what they would like to do with the floating division and said that the issue would be returned to during the next captains’ meeting.

9) Constitutional amendments

a) Addition to C8.7 (Only the following may propose, second or vote on motions:) ‘Senior Umpires who have been ratified by a Captains’ Meeting in the preceding 12 months.’

Proposed: Emily Baldock (OURCs); Seconded: Rachel Quarrell (Blue)

EB explained that the SU’s knew a lot about how bumps racing in particular should run, and would like to be able to propose motions themselves rather than rely on members of the OURCs committee to do it for them. This motion would not render the SU’s eligible to row as members of college boat clubs or otherwise make them members of OURCs.

Motion passed overwhelmingly.

b) Addition to C6.4 (guidelines for honorary membership of college boat clubs): ‘Subject previously fulfilling C6.1 for College A, having been in continuous possession of a valid university card, and currently in possession of a valid OXILP ID card, to college A – Typically allowed.’

Proposed: Natasha Phillips (Keble); Seconded: Carley Chapman (Corpus)

Sarah Mulryan (OXILP) explained that she used to be at Keble and there were many like her who wished to row for their previous colleges. This motion wouldn’t act as a precursor for OXILP to enter boats as a club in its own right. OXILP members used to be transferred, but there had been no guidelines so it had been abused. With this motion in place captains would have to assess each transfer in its own right. OXILP has associate status with the University and its students can compete in all inter-collegiate sports, varsity and BUSA matches without blues status. There was currently one OXILP student rowing in Osiris.

Conor O’Neill (Wadham ex-captain) argued that the addition of OXILP students would upset the balance of college rowing as these students were not members of the University or colleges. OURCs had repeatedly denied OXILP membership as a club and this would be the thin end of the wedge – the transfers would go through automatically once the motion had been passed and OXILP would be requesting membership within a couple of years. We already have lots of people who fail to qualify in rowing on in any case and shouldn’t be introducing any more. Furthermore, the motion was wrong as they had not been in continuous possession of a bod card – they hand on in upon finishing their degrees and get another one when they join OXILP. Plus, these students would not be subject to Proctors’ Regulations to it would be harder to enforce OURCs rules.

There was some discussion about other college sports, but it was generally felt that this was not comparable as few college sports took membership of colleges as seriously as OURCs.

It was also suggested that the motion be amended to read ‘Typically not allowed’, but EB pointed out that as this was a constitutional amendment any changes would need to be placed on the advance agenda.

The motion was not passed: For: 18; Against: 26; Abstentions: 12

10) Transfers

a) Helen Lawton Smith from no college to Wolfson. (Was a doctoral student at Wolfson and now a postdoc in the geography department with no college affiliation. Has been in continuous possession of a Bod card.) Typically allowed.

Proposed: Wendy Storr (Wolfson); Seconded: Alastair Gemmell (Wolfson)

SJ argued that this rule was as bad as the other ones, but that there was no choice but to allow such transfers.

CO’N noted that it was different because these people were members of the University, unlike OXILP people.

Motion passed overwhelmingly.

b) Pete Bannister from no college to Exeter. (Was a lecturer at Exeter, now a research assistant in engineering science with no college affiliation, awaiting DPhil viva. Has been in continuous possession of a Bod card.) Typically allowed.

Proposed: Sam Graham (Exeter); Seconded: Rebecca Ting (Exeter)

Motion passed overwhelmingly.

c) Jordana Tzenova from Keble to Linacre. (Is a student at Keble but wishes to row with Linacre as she is married to someone from Linacre.) Typically not allowed.

Proposed: Lori Colliander (Linacre); Seconded: Zak Birks (Linacre)

There was some discussion about the problems of setting precedents whereby people sought transfers just because they preferred one college to another. Keble had no objection to the transfer, but it was noted that this student could have chosen to row with them had she wished to. As it was, she could row as an associate for Linacre as she was only in their second eight.

Motion not passed: For: 19; Against: 19; Abstentions: 11

11) Resignations

Roseanna Goldman (St Anne’s) from OURCs committee

12) Election

OURCs committee:

Ali Korotana (Christ Church)

Proposed: Lenny Martin (Ch Ch); Seconded: Freya Cox-Jensen (Ch Ch)

Elected overwhelmingly.

13) AOB

a) Sarah Waldron reminded the captains of the forthcoming boat races in Henley and London and asked them to come along and support the crews. EB wished the squads luck on behalf of all the captains.

b) SJ requested that coxes be reminded of the need to read instructions given and follow marshals instructions. MB asked that only sensible people be sent along to marshal.

c) David Locke (OURCs) said that he would quickly work out what colleges owed/were owed in fines and returned entry fees. All outstanding fines would have to be paid before a college’s highest boat raced on Tuesday. Any credit would be returned by cheque once fines during Torpids had been taken into account.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:
Wednesday 28th April, 8.00pm (1st Week Trinity Term)