OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

4th Week, Trinity Term 2004

1) Minutes of the previous meeting

These were ratified as an accurate record of the proceedings

2) Matters arising


3) Minutes of the extraordinary meeting held 13th May

These were ratified as an accurate record of the proceedings

4) Squad news

Apologies sent

Currently running trials for summer squad. The plans were to have two boats at Women’s Henley, alongside the lightweights.

Send their apologies. The new President is James Gillies, Pembroke (Nephthys stroke 2004). Anyone who is interested in trialling next year should contact him.

Currently running trials for summer squad alongside OUWBC.

5) Rowing on results

These were read out.

The captains of the three boats which tied for the last two races agreed to hold a time trial for the places the following morning at 8.00am. The captains agreed to stay off the top half of the river from 8.00am until 8.15am.

6) Motions

a) Relabel G4.1-G4.5 as G4.A.1-5

Insert new G4.B:
1. Entries for an OURCs event shall be taken by an Entries Secretary appointed by the Race Committee.
2. Entries shall usually be taken electronically via the OURCs website, unless the Entries Secretary stipulates otherwise.
3. The period during which entries shall be accepted should normally be no less than 7 days, unless this would result in the entries closing date occurring after the start of the event, or too close to the start of the event to allow administrative preparation for the event.
4. All Captains shall be notified by e-mail of the dates and times between which entries shall be accepted, and any other conditions of entry, including entry fees.
5. Entries shall close at a time and date published by the Entries Secretary. The close of entries shall be 6:00PM at the very latest, on the relevant day. In the case of Torpids and Eights, the Entries Secretary must then notify the Captains by e-mail of any fixed division crews that have not entered. Further entries for missing fixed division crews ONLY will then be accepted until 9:00PM on the same day, with a £50 surcharge per crew entered at this time - these crews are regarded as "late entry".
6. Crews entered by the deadline have 90 minutes following the close of entries in which to pay the Entries Secretary for their entries. Any crew missing this payment deadline is then considered to be a "late entry", and a surcharge of £50 must also be paid. All entry fees for "late entry" crews must be received by the Entries Secretarty by 9:00PM on the day on which entries close.
7. As per Torpids and Eights rules, any crew that fails to enter by 9:00PM on the day on which entries close, will be removed from Wednesday's starting order, and replaced in the overall finishing order the specified number of places lower. This is non-negotiable, and the Entries Secretary's ruling is final.

Proposed Stuart Jones (OURCs).

There is currently no seconder for this motion, but as it is not a constitutional amendment, this can be done after the agenda has gone out.

This motion was withdrawn as SJ was not present and it was felt that he ought to be there to discuss the motion.

b) In R17.4 (violations of R9 – scheduled restrictions) delete ‘5’ and insert ‘10’.

Proposed David Locke (OURCs); Seconded Emily Baldock (OURCs)

Proposed alternatives:
i) Delete the word ‘double’ and insert ‘triple’.
ii) Introduce a sliding scale of fines (£10, £25, £50 £100)

Proposed: Stuart Jones (OURCs)

(R17.4 currently reads: ‘Violations of any part of R9 shall incur a 5-pound fine for the first offence in each academic year, but double for each additional offence of any part of R9 within the same year.)

The motion was overwhelmingly passed unamended.

7) AOB

a) OURCs Sabbatical – EB explained that the University sports department was willing to put money and office facilities into the proposed sabbatical position so long as college boat clubs also put in around £33 per crew.

Alasdair Robbie (Oriel) noted that this was equivalent to doubling the Eights entry fee.

Jen Thomson (OURCs) argued that it was unlikely that any student would be prepared to take on the full job again as it had grown to unmanageable proportions. Although it was a lot of money compared to Eights entries, it would not be so much over the year for each rower entered into the various events.

Katherine Pierce (Catz) argued that it would be easier to get money from college if entry fees were just raised to help pay for it. EB argued that this was difficult as the funds for any sabbatical salary needed to be protected and kept separate from general OURCs funds.

AR asked if it would be possible to make the amount per college dependant on all entries throughout the year.

EB noted that this was possible, though it would probably still depend on the previous year’s entries. EB also noted that the amount was based on original calculations for having a full-time sab and a part-time post was now being proposed, therefore it might not be as much as £33 per crew.

b) ARA competition review

EB asked for captains to contact her if they wished to have any input into this review.

c) Gate to Christ Church meadows

EB requested that colleges do not attempt to leave the meadows later than 9.00pm or enter earlier than 6.00am. If colleges co-operated then Ch Ch were prepared to unlock the gate at the head at 6.00am rather than 7.00am. If they did not co-operate it might be necessary to change the rules about outing times to enforce it.

d) Rowing On order for new entries

This was decided by Mike Bull and Jen Thomson pulling names from a hat.

e) Captains were warned that there had been a number of thefts from boathouses lately and that people should be especially vigilant during Eights.