OURCs Captains' Meeting Minutes

8th Week, Trinity Term 2004

1) Minutes of the previous meeting

These were accepted as an accurate record of the proceedings.

2) Matters arising


3) Squad news

Sent their apologies.

Currently running summer squad which had won at S3 and S4 at Reading. Three eights entering Women’s Henley together with the lightweights.

There is a strong summer squad running so it looks as though there should be large squad next year. Trialling for anyone interested begins September 16th.

The development eight for the lightweights is going well and won at Reading. It will be racing at Henley this weekend and we hope to continue it through to the Nat Champs, as well as running a lightweight pair. We will also be taking a crew to Taiwan in September to race.

5) Elections:

a) OURCS Secretary

Jen Thomson (New/OURCs)

Proposed: Emily Baldock (OURCs); Seconded: David Locke (OURCs)


b) IWL Secretary

No nominations received

c) Torpids Secretary

No nominations received

d) Eights Secretary

No nominations received

e) Captain of Coxes

Alex MacDonald (OURCs/Lincoln)

Proposed: Emily Baldock (OURCs); Seconded: Katherine Pierce (Catz)


f) Internet Secretary

Alex Cook (Univ)

Proposed: Stu Jones (OURCs); Seconded: Emily Baldock (OURCs)


g) Treasurer

Jodi Knightsmith (JK) (Hilda’s)
Proposed: Emily Baldock (OURCs); seconded: Morven Porteous (Hilda’s)

Sarah Berman (SB) (Queen’s)
Proposed: Filipe Abdalla; Seconded: Hannah Thomas (Queen’s)

SB: 17; JK: 8

SB Elected; JK Elected as an ordinary member

h) Ordinary members (10 places)

For information the following will still be carrying on into next year:
Tobias Williams (Corpus – until end Hilary)
Filipe Abdalla (Queens – until end Michaelmas)
Ali Korotana (Ch Ch – until end Michaelmas)

Alex Pearmain (Lincoln)

Proposed: Jen Thomson (OURCs); seconded: Emily Baldock (OURCs)


David Tulip (Queens)

Proposed: Filipe Abdalla (OURCs); seconded: Emily Baldock (OURCs)


Jenny Williams (Anne’s/OURCs)

Proposed: Emily Baldock (OURCs); Seconded: Jen Thomson (OURCs)


Lenny Martin (Ch Ch)

Proposed: Jen Thomson (OURCs); Seconded: Stu Jones (OURCs)


Katharine Pierce (Catz)

Proposed: David Locke (OURCs); Seconded: Emily Baldock (OURCs)


6) Motions

a) Relabel G4.1-G4.5 as G4.A.1-5

Insert new G4.B:
1. Entries for an OURCs event shall be taken by an Entries Secretary appointed by the Race Committee.
2. Entries shall usually be taken electronically via the OURCs website, unless the Entries Secretary stipulates otherwise.
3. The period during which entries shall be accepted should normally be no less than 7 days, unless this would result in the entries closing date occurring after the start of the event, or too close to the start of the event to allow administrative preparation for the event.
4. All Captains shall be notified by e-mail of the dates and times between which entries shall be accepted, and any other conditions of entry, including entry fees.
5. Entries shall close at a time and date published by the Entries Secretary. The close of entries shall be 6:00PM at the very latest, on the relevant day. In the case of Torpids and Eights, the Entries Secretary must then notify the Captains by e-mail of any fixed division crews that have not entered. Further entries for missing fixed division crews ONLY will then be accepted until 9:00PM on the same day, with a £50 surcharge per crew entered at this time - these crews are regarded as "late entry".
6. Crews entered by the deadline have 90 minutes following the close of entries in which to pay the Entries Secretary for their entries. Any crew missing this payment deadline is then considered to be a "late entry", and a surcharge of £50 must also be paid. All entry fees for "late entry" crews must be received by the Entries Secretary by 9:00PM on the day on which entries close.
7. As per Torpids and Eights rules, any crew that fails to enter by 9:00PM on the day on which entries close, will be removed from Wednesday's starting order, and replaced in the overall finishing order the specified number of places lower. This is non-negotiable, and the Entries Secretary's ruling is final.

Proposed Stuart Jones (OURCs).

As Stuart Jones was not present, it was once again agreed to withdraw the motion. Jen Thomson agreed to propose a suitable motion at the first CM of Michaelmas 2004.

b) Insert as B7.1.4:
"Crews from each College Boat Club shall be numbered sequentially, irrespective of their designations in the previous year’s finishing order or their Rowing On finishing positions".

Proposed: Anu Dudhia (half-blue); Seconded: Emily Baldock (OURCs)

It was pointed out that this motion could cause problems if College X 4 were to overtake College X 3, therefore it was amended to read: “Crews from each College Boat Club shall be numbered sequentially in the first day’s starting order, irrespective of their designations in the previous year’s finishing order or their Rowing On finishing positions.”

Motion passed overwhelmingly.

c) Request for river closures for the Isis Winter Leagues and Autumn Fours, Michaelmas 2004:
All 1.00pm until 4.30 pm (or when racing finishes, if later).

Wednesday 20th October (2nd week)
Either Sunday 31st October (4th week) or Sunday 7th November (5th week)
Thursday 11th November (5th week)
Sunday 21st November (7th week)

Proposed: Jen Thomson (OURCs); Seconded: Emily Baldock (OURCs)

It was noted that there was still some uncertainty about which Sunday the IWL B would be held on, but that if the motion was passed OURCs would only close the river when racing was actually being held. Captains would be informed of the correct dates at the start of next term.

Motion passed overwhelmingly.

7) AOB

a) Request for a river closure for Univ Regatta from 1.00pm until 5.00pm each day, Thursday to Saturday 7th week, Trinity Term 2005.

Proposed: Stuart Jones (Univ); Seconded: Lyndsey Futter (Univ)

As neither the Univ nor Oriel Captains were there, it was agreed that this motion should best be discussed at a full captains’ meeting next year, but that a vote against the motion would not prejudice any such discussion.

Motion defeated overwhelmingly.

Meeting closed 8.23pm.