List of Past Committee Members

OURCs was established in 1986-7; before this date, college rowing was organised by the OUBC secretary. The position of 'OUBC College Secretary' briefly spanned the two. The position of Internet Secretary was created in 2000 to accommodate the growth of the peculiar yet popular World Wide Web. The Rowing Sabbatical post was established in 2005 due to the growing responsibilities of the Secretary.

OURCs Secretary 

Year Name College
1984-1985 Ian Tatchell SEH
1985-1986 Louise Ainsworth New College
1986-1987 Robin Geffin St Benet's
1987-1988 Paul Miron St Catherine's
1988-1989 Jane Thompson St Hilda's
TT1989 Steve Eyles St Catherine's
1990-1991 Jackson Collins Exeter
TT1991 Steve Eyles St Catherine's
1991-1992 Mike Harrington Oriel
1992-1994 Jon Haynes St Catherine's/Osler-Green
1994-1996 James Fitzgerald Christ Church/Osler-Green
1996-1997 Judith Fox Christ Church
1997-1998 Ailsa Curtis Christ Church
1998-1999 Gabriel Wright Oriel
1999-2000 Gareth Powell Queen's
2000-2001 Caroline Smith Somerville
2001-2002 Andy Hadcroft Brasenose
2002-2003 Guy Barnett Oriel
MT2003 Jen Thomson New College
2004 Emily Baldock Wolfson
2004-2005 Jen Thomson New College
2005-2006 Rich Stock Lincoln
2006-2007 Ellie Nicholson St Hugh's
2007-2008 David Pallot Christ Church
2008-2009 Phil Gemmell Oriel/Somerville
2009-2011 Ben Thurston Trinity
2011-2012 Phil McCullough St Catherine's
2012-2013 Michael Pontikos Exeter
2013-2014 Scott Houghton Wadham
2014-2015 Tom Stewardson Brasenose
2015-2016 Jonathan Williams Wolfson
2016-2017 William Frost St Benet's
MT2017 Hakim Faiz Regent's Park
HT2018 Keir Bowater Jesus
TT2018-2019 Katherine Halcrow Lincoln



Year Name Former College
2005-2006 Morven Porteous St Hilda's
2006-2007 Rich Stock Lincoln
2007-2008 Judy Gleen St Hilda's
2008-2009 Ben Reed None
2009-2010 Laurence McGivern Mansfield
2010-2011 Lucy Mase-Robinson Mansfield
2011-2012 Sahil Sinha St Hilda's
2012-2013 Ian Maconnachie Christ Church
2013-2014 Bernard Tao St. Anne's
2015-2016 Yosiane White Jesus
2016-2017 Tom Coles Jesus
2017-2018 Oliver Hedges New
2018-2019 Keir Bowater Jesus

Internet Secretary

Year Name College
2000-2001 Mike Bull St Catherine's
2001-2002 Luke Shepherd Balliol
2002-2003 Paul Stevenson Worcester
2003-2004 Stuart Jones University
MT 2004 Alex Cook University
2005-2006 Rich Stock Lincoln
2006-2008 David Pallot Christ Church
2008-2011 Tony Harris Regent's Park
2011-2012 Chris Cooper Linacre
2012-2013 Bernard Tao St. Anne's
2013-2014 John McManigle Wolfson
2015-2016 Niclas Palmius Wolfson