Precedents at Captains' Meetings

Given that most captains are undergraduates, knowledge of recent discussions and attitudes adopted to recurring problems are often non-existent. This page is a brief summary of what takes up the most time at CMs.

Eligibility of large proportions of people

The same discussion arises every few years over a different group of people:

 The main reason for it getting discussed is that a few colleges would like to have them row in their first VIII, despite not having (at the time) appropriate collegiate status. The captains' meetings notes are full of the arguments against - that it would introduce a large pool of new rowers that would displace ''home-grown'' undergraduates and post-grads; that the core principle of bumps racing being collegiate would be violated; that academic ties and employment procedures for non-academic staff are inhomogenous - the list goes on.

Don't propose a motion like this unless you have read through the ample backstory!

"We don't have a cox or enough rowers for our first boat"

This is a problem that requires you to think ahead. To paraphrase Judy Gleen, if you don't have enough rowers or coxes, you should be training some more up as an urgent priority. Many, many honorary membership requests get proposed during pre-Bumps captains' meetings. If you propose such a motion, prepare to be grilled on the following:

Bikes on the towpath

Bikes on the towpath are banned on Saturday of Summer Eights. There is a strict £50 fine for any college participant disobeying the rule. Anu shed some light on the current system (link):

Ever since a member of the public complained to the Proctors about being hit by a cyclist during Eights some years back we've had...
  1. University marshals doing the stewarding, which didn't work, so followed by ...
  2. Every college being required to supply stewards, which didn't work, so followed by ...
  3. OURCs employing a security firm (yes, real "bouncers") to provide the stewarding, which didn't work, so followed by ...
  4. The University employing graduate students to perform the stewarding, which didn't work, so followed by ...
  5. The current system of no bikes on Saturday. Which actually does work.

Trust me, it's better than any of the alternatives.

The "Semi-Overbump"

Some old discussion on the extremely rare case where C is chasing B who is chasing A. B is on the other side of the river to the other boats. There is overlap but no row-past. C manages to bump A. What should happen? sheds some light.

The current thought is that no bump occurred, since each boat is only liable to be bumped at a given moment by the crew that is directly in front or directly behind that is still racing.