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Date of Email24th Apr 2003Sent By:Guy Barnett <safetyfirst9980@hotmail[dot]com>
R8. Scheduled River Closures

4. On the Isis after 7.00pm on Wednesdays (out of courtesy to 
other river 

I don't think this rule needs explaining. Judging by the 
e-mail I received 
this morning, CORC seem to understand it.

R9. Scheduled Restrictions

3. Weekdays 5.00pm-7.00pm from Monday of 0th Week to Tuesday 
of 5th Week of 
Trinity Term, only University crews or those entered for the Senior 
Divisions in Eights (as defined in B2.7) plus the top crew of 
the next 
division and all College 1st VIIIs, may row in IIs, IVs or 
VIIIs. There is 
no restriction on smaller boats (as requested by Captains).

Please make sure that the coaches of your lower boats are 
aware of this one.


*Captains' Meeting next Wednesday - dealine for motions, 
Monday lunchtime. **City Bumps on Saturday.

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