Beginning of term rule reminders

Date of Email28th Apr 2003Sent By:Caroline Smith <caroline.smith2@somerville>
Now everyone's back and going to be getting out on the river, please remember the rules!
Things that have been broken recently (and who by!)...

* Lifejackets- they're NOT optional. Even if you're only transporting to CORC (Pembroke men (being fined)). And DON'T wear a backpack over them (lots of crews did this on the way to City Bumps on Saturday).

* Spinning at Long Bridges- make sure you don't block the mouth of the Gut. Crews going through shouldn't have to stop. (R12.1) (Mansfield women this morning (official warning!))

* Spinning at Haystacks- crews may not paddle further than the post other than to manoeuvre for spinning. The stretch between OBUBC boathouse and the lock is to be kept clear whenever possible and not used for coaching. (R12.1) (Linacre this morning (warning))

* Scheduled closures- respect the Sunday after 1pm and 7pm Wednesday rules (Somerville men yesterday (being fined)). CORC and Falcon put up with a lot from us almost monopolising the river, and closing it for regattas, so this is the least we can do for them.

* Scheduled restrictions on numbers of boats- there's always a big argument over what constitutes a "crew". The 1st VIII time rule is now specific, but the weekday morning one isn't so please play it safe. (Somerville women IV and II this morning (warning))

That's all for now.
Play nicely out there ;)

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