Eights Entries

Date of Email29th Apr 2003Sent By:Stuart Jones <stuart.jones@university-college>

Eights Entries are now open at:


There will be a link to this page from the Eights 2003 page ASAP.

Entries will close Friday 3rd Week (16th May) at MIDDAY.

Please note that, unlike Torpids, all cheques and substitution queries should be addressed to PAUL STEVENSON at WORCESTER COLLEGE
(pstevo@ourcs.org) - cheques should be made payable to "OURCs" as always.

If you have any TECHNICAL PROBLEMS with the system (i.e. it doesn't work/won't take your entry), then get in touch with me, Stuart Jones
(stuart.jones@univ.ox.ac.uk) - though please be patient as I'll probably be revising for my Finals!!


Stuart Jones
OURCs Committee

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