Fwd: Tank update

Date of Email29th Apr 2003Sent By:Guy Barnett <safetyfirst9980@hotmail[dot]com>
From Pat Lockley re: tank bookings.


>Areas marked squad on the tank website are now free to be used by all
>colleges - book in the usual way.
>Passwords have been changed for:
>Brasenose, Jesus, Osler, Queens, St Anne's, Anthony's, 
Benets & Catz. 
>SEH, Wolfson.
>Please could one responsible person from each of these colleges email
>There are still some colleges with outstanding sums owing to 
the tank, 
>to follow.
>Pat Lockley
>Rowing and Training Services
>13 Egerton Road
>Oxford OX4 4JF
>+44 (0)1865 774554

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