Nephthys regatta

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From OULRC...

>Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club (OULRC) will be holding 
>Regatta on the Isis on Thursday and Friday of 2nd Week 
(8/9th of May) 
>between 1pm and 6pm.
>The regatta will consist of a side-by-side knockout event, 
raced over the 
>Christ Church Regatta course.
>We will be offering events for the following categories of boats:
>Novice VIIIs (Men's Summer Eights division 4 and lower, Women's 
>division 3
>and lower)
>Open VIIIs (Men's and Women's)
>Mixed Open VIIIs (at least 4 oarswomen per crew)
>Open Coxed IVs (Men's and Women's)
>Open Coxless Pairs (Men's and Women's)
>Open Single Sculls (Men's and Women's)
>All events will be run subject to a minimum of 4 crews entering.
>Entries close Tuesday 2nd Week (6th May) at 6pm. Cheques 
made payable 
>"OULRC" - fees are ?7 per seat (coxwains free) - and should 
be sent to 
>Jonny Taylor at University College.
>The Leo Blockley Victor Ludorum trophy will be awarded to the most
>successful college at the regatta.
>For more information, contact the Race Secretary at

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