Fwd: Oxford Women's Summer Dev Squad

Date of Email1st May 2003Sent By:Guy Barnett <safetyfirst9980@hotmail[dot]com>

>As in previous years, OUWBC will be running a Summer 
Development Squad 
>year in conjunction with OUWLRC.
>We are looking for both openweight and lightweight women and 
coxes, who are 
>interested in rowing and racing with us this summer, with a view to 
>trailling for OUWBC or OUWLRC next year.
>Check our website for details and regular updates (www.OUWBC.com).
>Please alert your rowers to the fact that the Summer Squad 
meeting has 
>brought forward to Sunday 18th May (4th week) at 4pm in Pembroke.
>Testing will take place in 4th week, in order to ensure we 
meet the entry 
>deadline for Henley Women's.
>As usual Summer Squad will start training together after 
Summer Eights.
>Thank you,
>Sarah Waldron, President OUWBC

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