Fwd: Summer Eights Crew lists

Date of Email6th May 2003Sent By:Guy Barnett <safetyfirst9980@hotmail[dot]com>
Details required for Eights Programme:

>From: "Stephen Pereira" 

>Dear captains,
>I am currently compiling the programme for summer eights. I 
need your 
>crew lists by 11th May AT THE LATEST. This is before the 
OURCS deadline 
>as we have publishing deadlines to deal with.
>Please would you send me your information in the following order for 
>Boat name/number
>I also need you comittee positions and names.
>Please email the information or any queries to me at 
>stephen.pereira@oriel.ox.ac.uk by 11th May latest. I cannot give my 
>word that anything received after this date will be included in the 
>God bless and happy training
>Stephen Pereira
>Oxford University Summer Eights Programme Secretary

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