A few other coxing issues

Date of Email9th May 2003Sent By:Edd Edmondson <edward.edmondson@jesus>
Just a couple of issues we're going to be cracking down on - 
so here's your advance warning to avoid getting fined on it - 
you may want to forward this on to your coxes:

Firstly coxboxes - we don't want coxes having to hold the 
microphone in one hand. It's obviously best to have both 
hands on the rudder strings to steer. If your coxbox mike has 
lost its headband then either use a hat or get another 
headband - you can get them very cheaply from the sports shop 
on Turl Street for one (1.50 or 2 pounds last time I looked - 
a lot less than the 25 pounds you'll get for careless coxing).

Also it's best to use the above solutions rather than have it 
tucked into your lifejacket or similar - you want to be able 
to give your calls whilst still looking wherever you need.

Likewise a coxbox is a far superior solution to the problem 
of being heard than the cox holding a megaphone - again using 
a megaphone means you've only got one hand to steer. Have 
both hands free to steer please!

Secondly please remember the rules about full-crew paddling 
only in the Gut. Today in the senior-boats time one crew only 
just escaped by having me disappear around the corner before 
coming through the Gut, and another only got away with it 
because noone was being held up by the slow paddling at the 
time. Please don't hold people up.

Edd Edmondson

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