OUBC Development 2004 Boat Race

Date of Email13th May 2003Sent By:Andynelder@aol.com <Andynelder@aol[dot]com>
OUBC Summer Development Group 2003

There will be a meeting at Iffley Road Gym on Monday 19th May at 1.15 pm for athletes intending to trial for the 2004 Boat Race. This is with a view to running a programme after Summer Eights has finished. You should complete the questionnaire beforehand and either email it to the address below or bring it with you on Monday.
Athlete information
Rowing experience
Best 2K time
Other sporting interests/achievements
Eg. Cycling, swimming, running
Family Sporting history
Any existing injuries/medical problems
Years remaining at Oxford 
If you cannot make this time or have any questions please contact:
Andy Nelder at andynelder@aol.com or Tel: 07967 000 418

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