A few things for Eights

Date of Email14th May 2003Sent By:Guy Barnett <safetyfirst9980@hotmail[dot]com>
Dear All,

Glad to see that lots of you have decided not to leave your 
entries to the 
last minute. Reminder that the computer automatically refuses 
entries after 
noon this Friday. Cheques for ?35 per crew must be sent to 
Paul Stevenson at 
Worcester by this time.

You are advised to read (and get your coaches to read) all of 
the OURCs 
Rules of Racing and the Rules for Bumping Races, especially 
the rules for 
Associate Members (B4) and the Disputes Procedure (G8). EVERY 
YEAR we get 
people who don't know the rules and come unstuck.

Finally, I will be drawing up the Rowing On timetable at the 
weekend. Racing 
will be next Friday (23rd) between noon and 5pm. If you have any time 
preferences of equipment clashes, you MUST let me know by the weekend.

Happy training.


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