The Bridge Party

Date of Email14th May 2003Sent By:Paul Stevenson <paul.stevenson@worcester>
Please find below information about the Bridge Party for 
Summer Eights 2003.

BRIDGE PARTY Tickets! Get them while they're dry!

Brought to you by Rock Student and Somerville College Boat Club

With Summer VIIIs just round the corner, its time to think 
about how you're going unwind after all these weeks of crazy training.

The Party will be at The Bridge, on Sunday 1st June, straight 
after VIIIs. 

If you reserve your tickets by Monday 26th May, tickets will 
be as follows:

Single: ?5.00
Crew (x10): ?45

Cheques for these tickets will have to be in by Wednesday 28th May.

All ticket reservations received after Monday 26th May will cost:

Single: ?6.00
Crew (x10): ?55

For reservations and inquiries email


Paul Stevenson
OURCs Internet Secretary,
Worcester College, Oxford.
Mobile: 07796177740

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