Re: Entry Payment

Date of Email16th May 2003Sent By:Caroline Smith <caroline.smith2@somerville>
> I realise that some of you have paid for more crews than you have 
> entered and some require invoices.
> Please direct requests for such things to the OURCs Treasurer.

But please know that I won't reply to anything till I've had 
the entries cheques and know who's paid how much. If you 
would like an invoice and/or receipt (paper or e-mail), 
please fill in the form below ONCE PER COLLEGE ONLY and 
e-mail back to me with your college as the subject line. Any 
other e-mails will probably be ignored- sorry!

I would like:
[ ] an e-mail invoice for my entries
[ ] a paper invoice for my entries
[ ] an e-mail receipt for my entry fees
[ ] a paper receipt for my entry fees

I would like e-mail correspondence sent to: (one address per college please)

I would like paper correspondence sent to: First Last, College.

Thank you
OURCs Treasurer

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