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Date of Email18th May 2003Sent By:Guy Barnett <safetyfirst9980@hotmail[dot]com>
Dear All,

We will be holding the usual post-Rowing On Captains' Meeting 
in the BSLT at 
8.15pm on Friday. We hope to have the Rowing On results ready 
by then and to 
do the draw for the starting order for new entries.

Any items for the agenda must reach me by lunchtime on Wednesday.

Also, with Rowing On approaching, please remember the following:

"G7. Identification.

To assist in resolving disputes over crew identification, the 
rules will apply:

1. Coxswains shall be required to be in possession of 
identification for all 
crewmembers while they are on the water. Such identification 
must contain a 
picture of the person being identified. A University card or 
coxing permit 
will be sufficient for competitors who satisfy C5.1

2. Such identification may be used by the race committee for 
adjudication in 
the event of a dispute concerning crew composition.

3. Lack of identification may result in automatic loss of a 
dispute over 
crew composition.

4. Complaints about crew composition must be made while the allegedly 
offending crew is still on the water."

***********************THIS RULE ALSO APPLIES TO ROWING 


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