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Date of Email20th Feb 2012Sent By:Rachel Quarrell <rachel.quarrell@balliol>
Now that the first eights who train elsewhere are returning, a few reminder=
s of what some of them (and apparently half the coxes and coaches on the Is=
is) have forgotten.  These apply during training (but not during racing).

The stream, which flows from the _Head_ down to _Haystacks_ (not the other =
way round), is pushing you back down towards the boathouses. 
So at the Head, please CLOSE UP THE GAPS if you are waiting in line to spin=
, otherwise you're shortening the river considerably for training crews.  I=
f a crew waiting by the Meadows allows a gap to develop, they have only the=
mselves to blame if a crew behind them overtakes and fills it.
The spinning area is ABOVE the SECOND big wooden post.  Get past this post =
before you turn:  there is room for two crews to spin as long as the higher=
 one moves up by the light blue footbridge.
When you've spun at the Head, move down OUT of the spinning area before pul=
ling in to be coached.

Crews spinning must give way to those wishing to transit the Gut, so please=
 don't spin across the mouth of the Gut.
The best place is by the footbridge nearer the rafts, though there may be s=
pace by the second bridge or in between them, if you are quick and stay wel=
l over to the towpath side.
Spin until you're pointing over towards the far bank, then cross quickly wh=
en it's clear, and THEN straighten up right beside the Green Bank.
Don't cross slowly, or you'll cause maximum obstruction.
For those crews wishing to transit the Gut going downstream, please don't c=
ut the corner, even if you're trying to avoid spinning crews.  ALWAYS leave=
 at least one full boat's width between you and your stroke side bank.  Thi=
s will require some rudder use.

Remember that the stream flows down TOWARDS the lock, so is dragging you do=
wn after you've stopped.
a) Call 'Easy" some time while your shell is passing the red-and-white post=
:  this marks the start of the spinning area.  Then hold up.
b) You can turn any time after this post, you should not paddle once past i=
t unless to make space for another crew to turn behind you.
c) Don't let ANY part of your shell go below the white post, which marks th=
e bottom of the spinning area.
d) Yes you can turn in pairs at Haystacks as long as the second arrival has=
 permission from the crew which arrived first.
e) Again, paddle straight back up past the red-and-white post (ie out of th=
e spinning area) before stopping to chat or do starts.
The space below the white post is out of bounds to college crews in trainin=
g by long-term agreement with the lock-keeper.

On the Isis it may at times be safer to 'under' take, ie to pass another cr=
ew on their bowside, if they are a long way out from the bank.  If you have=
 to do this, please warn them you're going to, so that they hold their line=
.  If you must overtake (ie on their stroke side), always ensure you leave =
a full width between you and your stroke-side bank, so that you don't imped=
e crews coming the other way.  If you can't do that, then you probably shou=
ldn't be overtaking.

Please could captains and coaches make sure that all active coxes are signe=
d up to the new coxing mailing list:  email to coxes-subscribe@maillist.ox.= to add yourself.

Enjoy the last paddles before Torpids, everyone,


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