Racing conditions for Torpids Wednesday

Date of Email20th Feb 2012Sent By:Rachel Quarrell <rachel.quarrell@balliol>
The good news is that Saturday's rain has not had any significant impact on=
 the river levels.  The forecast is for some rain tonight, then dry on Tues=
day, and a bit damp again on Wednesday with the likelihood of friskier wind=
.  At the moment though on the strong side, the wind is predicted to be wes=
terly, which should mean reasonably calm water, due to the shelter of the t=
owpath wall.

We will therefore be running racing on Wednesday 6th week as normal:  all c=
oxes, and all crews, in standard-sized divisions.  We would like to be able=
 to use the normal bungline positions, but due to the wind forecast we rese=
rve the right to move up one or two places if we find it necessary on Wedne=
sday.  That will be decided on Wednesday morning.

For those who don't know, in Summer Eights the top bungline is right beside=
 the Turn Early post, and the bottom one is on the wall below the Isis Farm=
house pub.  We have four extra positions above these to be used if necessar=
y, and would do that first if that way we can avoid restricting coxes or di=

There will be further emails to this list over the next few afternoons, giv=
ing you 48 hours notice of the plans for each racing day.

RQ for the Senior Umpires.=

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