Torpids conditions update

Date of Email21st Feb 2012Sent By:Rachel Quarrell <rachel.quarrell@balliol>
As confirmed this morning, the first day of Torpids racing will go ahead on=
 normal conditions and N/X/S coxing, with the only potential change being s=
hifting the bunglines if needed.  Their positions will be confirmed on Wedn=
esday morning.
The wind forecast for Wednesday is still strong-ish and now southwesterly, =
but nothing gale force, and the worst it might do is push the odd crew towa=
rds bushes while they are spinning.  Therefore, novice coxes and very novic=
e crews are advised to get downstream to their bunglines in plenty of time,=
 and make sure they take enough kit to stay warm if they decide to attach e=

Wednesday will probably see a little bit of rain, but the river is low and =
a long way off any flags yet.  The wind should be dropping quite a lot by T=
hursday, so the second day of racing will also go ahead as normal with full=
 divisions and all coxes and crews.  Confirmation of the conditions for Fri=
day's racing will be given on Wednesday afternoon.

The coxing instructions are online - see
pids/2012/index for the link.

* Do a proper land warm-up as you won't get much useful time on the water.
* Boathouse island and Univ raft crews MUST boat with their bowball pointin=
g left as you look at the river:  after pushing off, Univ raft crews can sp=
in as soon as they are safe and clear.
* Push off your raft as soon as the last racing crew of the previous divisi=
on passes you.
* Crews 1-6 in the div warm up above the Gut, crews 8-13 warm up below, cre=
w 7 can choose.
* When warming up, remember you can spin anywhere as long as it is safe:  d=
o NOT spin in front of any motor boats.
* When warming up, stick to the correct edge of the river (strokeside bank =
on the boathouse stretch, bowside bank in and below the Gut), and leave the=
 centre as clear as you can for other traffic.  Coxes unnecessarily in the =
* All crews need someone to count them down, with watches set to official S=
peaking Clock time.
* If you are bumped, acknowledging early will give you the best chance of m=
aintaining speed and getting a bump yourself later on.
* If you get a bump, pull off the racing line, don't just stop rowing until=
 you're well clear.  Then follow  the safety launch back upriver.
* If you hear a klaxon, STOP ROWING AT ONCE.  See
tch?v=Uc3mS4twNpo for what it sounds like.
* Read the rules.  You may need to know how and when to appeal.
* Bumps isn't fair - someone will be upset by every decision made to allow =
or disallow a bump.

Good luck everyone, and see you at the river,

RQ for the Senior Umpires.

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