Wednesday racing feedback and look-ahead to Thursday

Date of Email22nd Feb 2012Sent By:Rachel Quarrell <rachel.quarrell@balliol>
To everyone who raced or volunteered as a marshal or umpire today:

That was a pretty decent start to a Torpids regatta, with only a couple of =
things we need to tweak. 

As we warned, the frisky wind made it difficult for a lot of crews to get o=
nto their bunglines, and most didn't allow nearly enough time.  Technically=
 the Senior Umpire does _not_ need to wait for crews:  if they don't get on=
to their position in time, they will either be excluded or risk being bumpe=
d very fast.  Don't make any assumptions about being allowed time to connec=
t or get straight.
We eventually had to insist that crews be in or below the Gut by 10 minutes=
 to go until the start time, just to ensure you had a fighting chance of no=
t being late. 
For Thursday, we will continue with this practice, so check your watches, a=
nd make sure you're in or past the Gut by then and near your bungline when =
the 5-minute gun goes. 
Thursday's wind will be lower, but there will still be enough to push some =
crews about a bit.  Allow quite a few minutes to spin onto your position, a=
nd take enough kit to keep the whole crew warm. 

Between the Head and Longbridges, keep to your strokeside bank and leave th=
e middle clear.
At the top of the Gut, move onto the bowside bank.
Below the Gut, stick to bowside, unless you have to come out into the centr=
e of the river to overtake a spinning crew or one on the bungline.  When yo=
u have overtaken, immediately move back onto the bowside bank.  We will sta=
rt to be stricter about this:  it matters.  If you are ever by accident on =
the wrong side of the river, you must give way to anyone coming in the oppo=
site direction as they're in the correct place.
Crew 1-6 warm up above the Gut, crews 8-13 below, and crew 7 can choose.

Apart from those issues, generally well done everyone.

Good luck for Thursday's racing,

RQ for the SUs.=

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