Tips for Friday's Torpids

Date of Email23rd Feb 2012Sent By:Rachel Quarrell <rachel.quarrell@balliol>
Great racing on Thursday, well done everyone. 

Crews were so efficient on day 2 that for Friday we can relax a bit and let=
 you work out how to get to the start on time.  We strongly advise you are =
below the Gut by the 5-minute gun and attached well before the 1-minute gun=
, but some crews will need longer:  do not assume you will be allowed any l=
eeway now.  Please also remember that you will take longer than 10 seconds =
to spin, and that other crews may impede you:  this will not necessarily ea=
rn you a delay since all crews are expected to allow enough time for the us=
ual amount of stoppage on the way down.

If you don't get to the start on time, the race may go without you.  Marsha=
ls please do not attempt to exclude crews without discussing it with the Se=
nior Umpire:  boats vary in how fast they can get to the start area.  Each =
case is different and it is at the SU's discretion whether or not to let a =
late crew try to attach, which may depend on other factors affecting a race=
's timing.  Now that everyone's getting more experienced, we will not be so=
 forgiving of tardiness.  Technically a division can be started if only 10 =
of the 13 crews are attached and there is no rule saying you have to be giv=
en time to straighten up or take tops off..... 

As the weekend approaches we will get more river traffic, so please crews s=
tick to the correct side of the river and STAY BY THE BANKS unless overtaki=
ng.  If you're trying to get onto your bungline early, stay on bowside, giv=
e way to other crews trying to get through, and then cross _straight_ to th=
e bungline when it's clear.  Don't faff about in the middle of the river an=
d do get someone to throw you the line as soon as possible so you can tuck =
in close to the bank and not impede others.

Please do NOT go below your bungline if you are crews 1-6 in a division.  R=
ead the instructions for your boathouse (linked from http://www.rowingservi=

And can everyone remember to try and acknowledge with the best hand - the o=
ne _away_ from the chasing crew, if possible, and for several strokes?


RQ for the SUs.=

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