Friday's racing - well done

Date of Email24th Feb 2012Sent By:Rachel Quarrell <rachel.quarrell@balliol>
Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the third day of Torpids goi=
ng so smoothly.

As some divisions realised, the occasional delay may be caused which is not=
hing to do with crews.  So do make sure everyone has an extra top tucked in=
 below their seat, to put on if you have to wait on the bungline.  Saturday=
 may feel chillier when the sun goes in, too.

Men's div 1 and Women's div 1 please do boat with your lights, since delays=
 and cloud cover can make it become quite dark.  Divisions won't be delayed=
 just to let you find and attach some.

It came to our attention today that some crews, particularly those on the t=
op (boathouse) stretch, did practice starts in rather unsafe places.  Have =
a think before you begin, and make sure there is enough room.  Don't bank o=
n someone else moving out of your way.

Improving all the time, but there are still some coxes who think they do no=
t need to stay next to the banks, or forget it's "stick to bowside" in and =
below the Gut.  Please ensure all your college's crews understand and keep =
to the circulation pattern.  There will almost certainly be more river traf=
fic on Saturday, and during warm-up it is essential you allow cruisers to m=
ove and do not get in the way by being in the wrong place.

Sadly we have had to run this year's Torpids without Pete Burden, stalwart =
poleman and boatman for four colleges, who died ten days ago.  We will be h=
olding a one-minute's silence for Pete just after the 5-minute gun for Men'=
s Div 1 on Saturday.  It will be broadcast from the bunglines through the r=
adio and tannoy system with a klaxon noise to mark the beginning and the en=
d.  Crews for that division may wish to be on their bunglines a little earl=
y, and will be given enough time to get ready for racing after the minute h=
as finished.  Alumni from Pete's colleges may like to know about his funera=
l arrangements, details of which were posted in the General forum on Tuesda=

Good luck and safe racing for day four,

RQ for the SUs.=

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