In your time at Oxford, it is quite possible to never capsize your boat. This is particularly true if you only row in larger boats that are significantly harder to capsize. However, we expect all clubs to keep their members informed of what is expected practice in the case of capsize. Some of the information that we would expect to be conveyed is found on this page.

Capsize Drills

OURCs rules require all persons to complete a capsize drill before using any small boats (singles, pairs and doubles). Capsize drills may be taken by any persons, regardless of the craft they will be using. The drill is held in a swimming pool and will typically involve:


Capsize drills are run by OUWLRC. They are expected to cost £10 per drill. To book a capsize drill, please email

In the Event of Capsize

More information can be found at RowSafe 1.8 and 1.9

Please be concerned with:


Key Points

  • The boat is your flotation device (whether it’s a Ix, IV+ or VIII+) so you must stay in contact with the boat the entire way through the capsize drill and also out on the water should a capsize or swamping occur.
  • Out on the water in most circumstances you will find yourself within easy towing distance of the bank, so knowing how to right your boat & tow forms the second part of the drill.
  • If you can't tow the boat to the bank, then either try to self-right, or lie on top of the shell to reduce the risk of hypothermia. 









 If there are people in the water and/or your boat capsizes, it is essential that the priority for all is to safely remove themselves from the water. Heat loss from being ín the water represents a significant risk. This might include the following:


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