Safety Index

Because of the unique nature of Oxford collegiate rowing - namely that a large number of inexperienced people take to a very cramped river - it is paramount that we operate in as safe an environemt as reasonable. This page outlines steps that clubs, captains, coaches and individuals should be taking; these will either mirror RowSafe, or exceed them, due to our circumstances.

Swim Tests

As of Trinity Term 2011, new swim-test guidelines are in operation.

Please see this page for more details.


Information on capsize dangers and the availability and necessity of capsize drills is available here.

Risk assessments

Crews must undertake an annual Water Safety Audit, to be completed before the end of each calendar year. More details can be found on this page.

Before boating for each outing, crews should undertake a risk assessment of the conditions. Crews should consult Row Safe 1.2 for a full explanation. However, this document should be second nature to anyone in charge of an outing.

Lots of information on dealing with an incident, including procedures and the dangers of immersion, is available here.

Weather and river

Isis and Godstow flags - includes how to quickly check the flag condition via your mobile phone. Harry Willis of Exeter College BC also provides a twitter feed, @isisflag, that relays flag changes; however, this is not guaranteed to be up-to-the-minute.

The OURCs twitter page, @ourcs, may also tweet important information from time to time.

Sunrise and sunset times

Weather forecasts - UPDATED Now includes a link to a weather station situated at CORC.

Incident reporting

In the case of an incident - which includes a near-collision - on the Isis, a Water Safety Incident Report form should be prepared at the earliest possible opportunity. Mobile phone numbers (or email addresses) of witnesses should be taken at the scene, and weather conditions noted. The form will also prompt you for actions to take to reduce the likelihood of such an event occurring again.

This will then trigger a PDF copy of the report to be sent to your inbox. You must then forward on such a report to the Secretary and RowSab.